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Natural Drumming: Lessons 5 and 6 by Danny Gottlieb

video preview clip for Natural Drumming: Lessons 5 and  6 Natural Drumming: Lessons 5 and 6
Item #: MB21117DVD   Price: $24.95
DVD : Drums : Technique Intermediate

By Danny Gottliebbullet image  Published by Mel Bay Publications, Inc.

MB21117DVD cover image - Natural Drumming: Lessons 5 And  6 - Drums DVD by Danny Gottlieb The Joe Morello and Danny Gottlieb "Natural Drumming" series continues with this historic DVD containing lessons 5 and 6. Special features in this volume include appearances by world renown percussionist and educator, Beth Gottlieb, and educator and performer Mike Malgoza. Developed by Joe Morello through his own studies with legendary percussion masters George Lawrence Stone (Stick Control), Billy Gladstone and Joe Sefcik, this 3rd DVD continues to illustrate Joe's technical approach that promotes Natural Body Movement without tension.

Lesson 5 illustrates the basic arm movements including the Straight Forearm Throw and Joe's interpretation of the Moeller technique.

Lesson 6 combines all the strokes from the previous 5 lessons and puts them all together. Joe also illustrates some of the exercises found in his famed "Master Studies" and "Stick Control" books.

Please note: This dvd will play in all regions.

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