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1. Rock Vocals With CD  

Item #: HL00695629   Price: $17.99
Sheet Music : Singers : Instruction

HL00695629 - Rock Vocals With CD - Singers
Unlock the method to the madness! Rock Vocals is a dynamic guide to singing in rock and pop styles. You will understand how your voice works and how to take care of it. A variety of ranges and effects are also discussed, as well as information on staying healthy, gig and .... more details

2. Vocal Exercises For Building Strength, Endurance and Facility With CD  

Item #: HL00123770   Price: $14.99
Sheet Music : Singers : Instruction

HL00123770 - Vocal Exercises For Building Strength, Endurance and Facility With CD - Singers
Vocal strength is essential to producing a good sound, singing with control and confidence, and singing for many years. A weak voice is one that tires easily, one that is inconsistent in sound quality and/or pitch and dynamics, and one that gives out many years before the singer is ready to .... more details

3. Sing Your Way Through Theory With CD  

Item #: HL14041536   Price: $24.95
Sheet Music : Singers : Instruction

HL14041536 - Sing Your Way Through Theory With CD - Singers By Kris Adamsbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
Learn the essential elements of music theory for vocalists performing contemporary music, be it jazz, pop, rock, gospel or R&B. This self-study book is for singers who aspire to perform or who may already be leading a band, going to jam sessions, or studying with a teacher, but who have not .... more details

4. Working With Your Voice  

Item #: 00-36791   Price: $19.99
Sheet Music : Singers : Instruction

00-36791 - Working With Your Voice - Singers By Jaime Babbittbullet image  Published by Alfred Publishing Co.
You say you want to become a professional singer. Where do you start? Is it really possible to make a living doing what you love? With over 25 years of experience as a professional singer, Jaime Babbitt has been there, done that, and knows the drill. In this book, Jaime looks .... more details

5. Ultimate Vocal Voyage With CD  

Item #: HL00332742   Price: $19.95
Sheet Music : Singers : Instruction

HL00332742 - Ultimate Vocal Voyage With CD - Singers By Daniel Zangger Borch Borchbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
The Definitive Method for Unleashing the Rock, Pop or Soul Singer Within You. Daniel Zangger is the first Swedish singing voice specialist to scientifically study the functioning of the rock, pop and soul voice. Drawing from his vast experience as a singer and educator, working in close collaboration with eminent vocal .... more details

6. Vocal Essentials For The Pop Singer With CD  

Item #: HL00311934   Price: $14.99
Sheet Music : Singers : Instruction

HL00311934 - Vocal Essentials For The Pop Singer With CD - Singers By Teri Danzbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
What seems like natural talent in a great singer is in reality a mixture of skill, training, and experience. This book is a complete guide to helping aspiring artists develop and manage their voice, learn solid techniques for successful pop singing, and improve their stage presence. It also provides an overview .... more details

7. Advanced Vocal Technique With CD  

Item #: HL00695883   Price: $19.95
Sheet Music : Singers : Instruction

HL00695883 - Advanced Vocal Technique With  CD - Singers By Dena Murraybullet image  Published by Musicians Institute Press
A voice that sounds like one register: isn't this what most singers want? And how do you get that sound live, outside of all the engineering tools used in a studio? A follow-up to the author's highly successful Vocal Technique book & 2-CD set, Advanced Vocal Technique teaches the higher skills .... more details

8. Vocal Strength and Power With CD  

Item #: HL00311824   Price: $19.99
Sheet Music : Singers : Instruction

HL00311824 - Vocal Strength and Power With CD - Singers By Dena Murraybullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
Boost Your Singing with Proper Technique & Breathing. Based on years of teaching and research, this book/CD pack by acclaimed vocal coach Dena Murray provides insightful methods and exercises for attaining vocal mastery. Perfect for all singers – beginners to pros – who want more power in their voice, better pitch .... more details

9. Vocal Technique - A Guide To Finding Your Real Voice With 2CDs  

Item #: HL00695427   Price: $24.99
Sheet Music : Singers : Instruction

HL00695427 - Vocal Technique - A Guide To Finding Your Real Voice With 2CDs - Singers By Dena Murraybullet image  Published by Musicians Institute Press
Stop straining to hit those high notes! Unlock your true potential and start singing easily and effortlessly with this book/2-CD pack by Musicians Institute vocal instructor Dena Murray. She teaches how to: breathe naturally; improve your speaking voice; stop holding, pushing and squeezing; develop your natural three-octave range; place your chest .... more details

10. The Contemporary Singer - 2nd Edition With CD  

Item #: HL50449595   Price: $24.00
Sheet Music : Singers : Instruction

HL50449595 - The Contemporary Singer - 2nd Edition With CD - Singers By Anne Peckhambullet image  Published by Berklee Press
The second edition of this bestselling, comprehensive guide contains improved vocal workouts and additional topics, including performance anxiety and healthy singing. The companion CD makes this guide an ideal tool for creating a singing course for students of almost any age or gender, who can practice technique along with lead sheets .... more details

11. All About Singing With CD  

Item #: HL00311452   Price: $19.99
Sheet Music : Singers : Instruction

HL00311452 - All About Singing With CD - Singers By Elaine Schmidtbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
Have you struggled through tedious lessons and boring instruction books in your desire to learn to sing? If you wish there were a fun and engaging way to motivate you in your singing quest, then this is it – All About Singing is for you! Whether it's learning to read music, .... more details

12. The Everything Singing Book With CD  

Item #: HL00332916   Price: $19.95
Sheet Music : Singers : Instruction

HL00332916 - The Everything Singing Book With CD - Singers By Bettina Sheppardbullet image  Published by Adams Media Corporation
The easy way to discover your best voice! You love to sing – but singing in the shower and singing well are two different things. This book provides the first step in your voice training. You'll discover your best voice with this no-nonsense guide to the basics of singing. With step-by-step .... more details

13. Vocal Improvisation With CD  

Item #: HL50449599   Price: $19.99
Sheet Music : Singers : Instruction

HL50449599 - Vocal Improvisation With CD - Singers By Bob Stoloffbullet image  Published by Berklee Press
Learn to improvise in jazz, pop, rock, gospel, and R&B, in this user-friendly guide to vocal improvisation. Regardless of your level of musical training, these discussions, exercises, and games will give you technical knowledge and confidence to improvise expressively and effectively, within a singing group or as a soloist. The accompanying .... more details

14. Glee Vocal Method and Songbook With CD  

Item #: HL00312081   Price: $12.99
Sheet Music : Singers : Instruction

HL00312081 - Glee Vocal Method  and  Songbook With CD - Singers By Andy Watermanbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
Like taking private lessons with a professional vocal teacher, this new release lets students: learn the vocabulary of vocal study; understand how to use microphones in performance; read background info on the writers and original artists for each song; study what each song is about; analyze lyrics; and much more. * .... more details

15. Tips For Singers - Performing - Auditioning - and Rehearsing With CD  

Item #: HL50449557   Price: $19.95
Sheet Music : Singers : Instruction

HL50449557 - Tips For Singers - Performing -  Auditioning -  and Rehearsing With CD - Singers By Carolyn Wilkinsbullet image  Published by Berklee Press
Learn the secrets to a successful singing career! A perfect complement to technique books, this essential handbook teaches how to: develop stage presence and musical identity; choose songs that showcase your voice; understand musical notation and create lead sheets; find the best key for your song; rehearse your band; choose and .... more details

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