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1. Mandolin Wall Chart  

Item #: MB20287   Price: $9.99
Sheet Music : Posters : Mandolin

MB20287 - Mandolin Wall Chart - Posters By Joe Carrbullet image  Published by Mel Bay
Mel Bay's Mandolin Wall Chart contains not only the notes of the fretboard, but also many chords. Chords ranging from minor, 6, 7, minor 7, Major 7, augmented and diminished are shown on fretboard diagrams. A colorful picture of a mandolin shows the frets labeled to the 18th fret. 35" x .... more details

2. Mandolin Anatomy and Mechanics Wall Chart  

Item #: MB30344   Price: $9.99
Sheet Music : Posters : Mandolin

MB30344 - Mandolin Anatomy and Mechanics Wall Chart - Posters By Charlie Lee-Georgescubullet image  Published by Mel Bay
"Mandolin Anatomy and Mechanics" is a comprehensive visual map of the mandolin. The poster includes a large diagram of the instrument and detailed views of its components. Descriptions of all the major parts explain their functions. This poster is a great visual for anyone interested in the mandolin. .... more details

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