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1. Percussion Repair and Maintenance  

Item #: 00-EL03285   Price: $14.95
Sheet Music : Percussion : Miscellaneous Topics

00-EL03285 -  Percussion Repair and Maintenance - Percussion By Mark Bonfoeybullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
A performer's technical manual on repair and maintenance of all standard percussion equipment. Contains 116 graphic illustrations on repair techniques and instrument construction. .... more details

2. The Percussionist's Dictionary  

Item #: 00-SB01040   Price: $14.95
Sheet Music : Percussion : Miscellaneous Topics

00-SB01040 -  The Percussionist's Dictionary - Percussion By Compiled And Ed. Joseph Adato And George Judybullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
Translations, descriptions, and photographs of percussion instruments from around the world. Includes foreign terms in 26 languages. .... more details

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