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1. Learning The Tabla With CD  

Item #: MB99062BCD   Price: $24.95
Sheet Music : Percussion : International

MB99062BCD - Learning The Tabla With CD - Percussion By David Courtneybullet image  Published by Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
The tabla, a hand drum which originated in India, has become very popular throughout the world. This method covers everything you need to know to learn to play the tabla, including the history and parts of the tabla, tuning and maintenance, positioning, basic exercises, and numerous techniques and patterns. A glossary .... more details

2. Slap Happy With CD  

Item #: MB20123BCD   Price: $19.95
Sheet Music : Percussion : International

MB20123BCD - Slap Happy With CD - Percussion By Alan Dworskybullet image  Published by Dancing Hands
Slap Happy turns drum rhythms into body rhythms you can step, clap, and slap with a buddy. Right from the start, you'll be learning how to slap traditional rhythms from West Africa and the Caribbean, Kuku from Guinea, Sunguru Bani from mali, Kpegisu from Ghana, Bomba from Puerto Rico, and Conga .... more details

3. Earth Rhythms Catalog Vol. 1 With CD  

Item #: MB20071BCD   Price: $19.95
Sheet Music : Percussion : International

MB20071BCD - Earth Rhythms Catalog Vol. 1 With CD - Percussion By Ivan Krillzarinbullet image  Published by Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
Featured here are a total of 94 traditional rhythms (and variations) of Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean and Latin America, scored for drumset, electric bass and bongos, 68 of which are recorded on the companion CD. Also featured are the author's comments on the cultural significance of the rhythms. Photos and illustrations .... more details

4. Drum Circle: A Guide To World Percussion With CD  

Item #: 00-20610   Price: $19.95
Sheet Music : Percussion : International

00-20610 -  Drum Circle: A Guide To World Percussion With CD - Percussion By Chalo Eduardo And Frank Kumorbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
This unique guide to world percussion features descriptions and performance techniques for 28 different instruments, plus exercises, traditional rhythms, and cultural information. 76 pages. .... more details

5. Fun With Bongos With CD  

Item #: MB98284BCD   Price: $14.95
Sheet Music : Percussion : International

MB98284BCD - Fun With Bongos With CD - Percussion By Trevor Salloumbullet image  Published by Mel Bay Publications, Inc.
Recent interest in bongos has surged with the inclusion of bongos in almost every type of music including classical, rock, flamenco, jazz, Latin, Middle Eastern and East Indian. Fun with the Bongos was written to provide a simple guide for someone without any musical experience who wants to learn to play .... more details

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