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1. Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar  

Item #: HL00695338   Price: $19.95
Sheet Music : Fingerstyle Guitar : Slack Key

HL00695338 - Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar - Fingerstyle Guitar By Keola Beamerbullet image  Published by Homespun Video
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Keola Beamer, contemporary master of slack-key guitar has chosen five traditional pieces and teaches them in depth in the cd/book package. His tunes employ a variety of tunings and techniques including the use of vibrato, harmonics, slurs, harmonies in thirds and sixths, legato playing and other musical ideas. Isa Lei, Mino'aka, .... more details

2. Masters Of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar with CD  

Item #: AC72688   Price: $19.95
Sheet Music : Fingerstyle Guitar : Slack Key

AC72688 - Masters Of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar  with CD - Fingerstyle Guitar By Mark Hansonbullet image  Published by Music Sales
Note-For-Note transcriptions from the Great Masters: Ray Kane, Sonny Chillingworth, Cyril Pahinui, Ledward Kaapana, Leonard Kwan, and more. Introduction for slack key tunings and techniques, Detailed explanations of the instrumentals, full-length instructional CD features: slow speed for ease in learning. in standard notation and tab. .... more details

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