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1. Exploring Folk Fiddle With CD  

Item #: ED13460   Price: $29.99
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Misceleneous

ED13460 - Exploring Folk Fiddle With CD - Fiddle By Chris Haighbullet image  Published by Schott
This practical, down-to-earth, and in-depth instruction book covers all aspects of folk violin technique. The book is centered on Irish traditional music but also looks into the playing styles of England, Scotland, Scandinavia, East European and much more. Exploring a wide variety of technical aspects including ornamentation, modes and scales, scordatura, .... more details

2. The Fiddle Handbook With CD  

Item #: HL00332749   Price: $29.99
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Misceleneous

HL00332749 - The Fiddle Handbook With CD - Fiddle By Chris Haighbullet image  Published by Backbeat Books
The Fiddle Handbook is a treasure trove of information spanning the whole range of fiddle playing. It looks in detail at the most commonly played styles among today's fiddlers. From America, there's old time, bluegrass, Cajun, Western swing, country, blues, rock, klezmer, and jazz, while from the British Isles there's Irish, .... more details

3. 101 Violin Tips Stuff All The Pros Know and Use With CD  

Item #: HL00842672   Price: $14.99
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Misceleneous

HL00842672 - 101 Violin Tips Stuff All The Pros Know and Use With CD - Fiddle By Angela Schmidtbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
bullet image View Excerpt
Ready to take your violin playing to the next level? This book presents valuable how-to insight that violinists of all levels can benefit from, spanning classical to rock music, and everything in between. The text, photos, music, diagrams, and accompanying CD provide a terrific, easy-to-use resource for a variety of topics, .... more details

4. Violin Aerobics  

Item #: HL00125151   Price: $19.99
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Misceleneous

HL00125151 - Violin Aerobics - Fiddle By Jon Vriesackerbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
Here is a daily dose of vitamins to keep your chops fine tuned! Musical styles include pop, rock, bluegrass, Irish, jazz, funk, and more. Techniques taught include scales, ornaments, rhythm/feel, bowing, arpeggios, playing with others, and stretching out. These exercises will improve facile technique, intonation, style vocabulary, rhythmic acuity, ensemble playing, .... more details

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