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1. Fiddle Tunes On Jazz Changes  

Item #: HL00120210   Price: $16.99
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Jazz And Blues

HL00120210 - Fiddle Tunes On Jazz Changes - Fiddle By Matt Glaserbullet image  Published by Berklee Press
Develop jazz solos using melodic fragments from traditional fiddle tunes. These etudes show how melodic cells can be used to create extended improvisations. In each example, fragments of a traditional fiddle tune (“Turkey in the Straw,” “Arkansas Traveler”) are developed over jazz standard chord progressions. Each etude is preceded by a .... more details

2. Exploring Jazz Violin With CD  

Item #: HL49018304   Price: $29.99
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Jazz And Blues

HL49018304 - Exploring Jazz Violin With CD - Fiddle By Chris Haighbullet image  Published by Schott
An introduction to jazz harmony, technique and improvisation. Contents: * Introduction * It Don't Mean a Thing * Starting to Improvise * Pentatonic Scales * The Blues * Chords Part I * Chords Part II * Masters of Swing * Stephane Grappelli * Running Wild * Other Styles, Other Players * .... more details

3. Rockin' Out With Blues Fiddle with CD  

Item #: HL00695612   Price: $21.95
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Jazz And Blues

HL00695612 - Rockin' Out With Blues Fiddle  with CD - Fiddle By Julie Lieberman
The blues is an incredible form of music that creates an environment within which you, the soloist, can improvise easily and expressively. The violin is capable of bending, sliding, moaning, whispering, and more: it is one of the closest instruments to the human voice that we have. This one-of-a-kind book with .... more details

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