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1. 303 More Fiddle Tunes  

Item #: HL00001218   Price: $9.95
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Bluegrass

HL00001218 - 303 More Fiddle Tunes - Fiddle
bullet image Edited by Ron Middlebrookbullet image  Published by Centerstream
bullet image View Excerpt
Rosin up your bow and get ready to fiddle! This collection features 90 reels, 90 jigs, 93 hornpipes, 15 clogs and 15 strathspeys, plus a fascinating article on the history of old-time fiddling contests, terrific photos, and a special section on Highland Dancing. .... more details

2. Fiddle Tunes Made Easy  

Item #: MB22093   Price: $12.99
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Bluegrass

MB22093 - Fiddle Tunes Made Easy - Fiddle By William Baybullet image  Published by Bill's Music Shelf
A comprehensive 96-page, large print/big note perfect-bound collection of over 90 favorite fiddle tunes. Includes American fiddle tunes, Celtic reels, gospel favorites, jazz tunes and more. Guitar chords are included. All tunes may be played as solos and are shown in notation and tablature. Contents: * An Comhra Donn .... more details

3. Fiddling Thru The Years with CD  

Item #: HL00000315   Price: $19.95
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Bluegrass

HL00000315 - Fiddling Thru The Years   with CD - Fiddle By Byron Berlinebullet image  Published by Centerstream Publications
A fascinating journey through Byron Berline's award-winning fiddling career, this Centerstream book/CD pack takes you from his early years through the present. Berline covers basic beginning fiddle tunes, contest playing, bluegrass and other styles, thoughts of other fiddlers and musicians, and much more. The accompanying CD features songs demonstrated by Byron .... more details

4. 101 Tips For Fiddle  

Item #: MB21083   Price: $12.99
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Bluegrass

MB21083 - 101 Tips For Fiddle - Fiddle By Philip Berthoudbullet image  Published by Mel Bay
This handy, case-sized book is packed full of useful information and tips for traditional fiddle players of any experience level. Clear musical examples, diagrams, photos and cartoons are included covering bowing, fingering, posture,practice, instrument care, theory, traditional music, improvisation and accessories.An ideal gift for any fiddle player. .... more details

5. The Fiddler's Fakebook  

Item #: OK63925   Price: $24.95
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Bluegrass

OK63925 - The Fiddler's Fakebook - Fiddle By David Brody
Gathered together in one volume are the most played, most requested, most useful tunes from the full complement of regional and national styles. Included in the nearly 500 tunes are jigs, reels, and hornpipes from the British Isles, and the U.S.; Old-time breakdowns and rags, marches and strathspeys from Scotland and .... more details

6. A Guide To American Fiddling with CD  

Item #: MB99128BCD   Price: $17.95
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Bluegrass

MB99128BCD - A Guide To American Fiddling  with CD - Fiddle By Andrew Carlsonbullet image  Published by Mel Bay
This book exposes serious students of the vilin to the technical nuances of traditional old-time fiddling. In this book, Andrew Carlson provides a detailed technical analysis of Missouri-style fiddling, focusing primarily on the use of the bow. Includes a comparison of classical and non-classical techniques, a brief history of American Fiddling, .... more details

7. Anthology Of Contest Fiddle Tunes With CD  

Item #: MB98213BCD   Price: $19.99
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Bluegrass

MB98213BCD - Anthology Of Contest Fiddle Tunes With CD - Fiddle By Joe Carrbullet image  Published by Mel Bay
bullet image View Excerpt
Here is a collection of 59 fiddle tunes from the rich contest fiddle tradition. Carr has collected unique variations of breakdowns, tunes-of-choice and waltzes from a who's-who of great first generation fiddlers including Benny Thommason, Major Franklin, Norman Soloman, Terry Morris, James "Texas Shorty" Chancellor and others. Many tunes appear here .... more details

8. Fiddling - The Basics & Beyond With CD  

Item #: HL00121177   Price: $19.99
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Bluegrass

HL00121177 - Fiddling - The Basics & Beyond With CD - Fiddle By Patrick Clarkbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
bullet image View Table of Contents bullet image View Excerpt
Fiddling: The Basics & Beyond covers the essentials needed to be a successful fiddler. No matter if you are an experienced player, or a complete beginner, the four versions of each tune will keep you challenged. Each tune has etudes that are specifically written to cater to the techniques that will .... more details

9. Old-Time Fiddling Across America  

Item #: MB94205M   Price: $29.99
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Bluegrass

MB94205M - Old-Time Fiddling Across America - Fiddle By David Reiner And Peter Anickbullet image  Published by Mel Bay
A unique collection of 66 fiddle tunes illustrating the major regional styles found across America and Canada. This book contains rare vintage photographs, player's biographical profiles, historical and performance notes, bowing indications, and information on cross-tunings and the American institution of fiddle contests. The authors have collaborated brilliantly on this labor .... more details

10. Parking Lot Picker's Songbook - Fiddle Edition With 2CDs  

Item #: MB21662BCD   Price: $29.99
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Bluegrass

MB21662BCD - Parking Lot Picker's Songbook - Fiddle Edition With 2CDs - Fiddle By Dix Bruce And Gerald Jonesbullet image  Published by Mel Bay
bullet image View Table of Contents bullet image View Excerpt
A collection, for fiddle, of over 200 great bluegrass, old time, country and gospel standards played by jammers and performers all over the world! Melodies are presented with standard notation, lyrics and chords. Learn to play songs written and recorded by the giants of traditional American music: Bill Monroe, The Stanley .... more details

11. Advanced Fiddling  

Item #: MB93971M   Price: $24.99
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Bluegrass

MB93971M - Advanced Fiddling - Fiddle By Craig Duncanbullet image  Published by Mel Bay
A follow-up book on Craig Duncan's popular "Deluxe Fiddling Method" containing 40 great fiddle solos in the keys of F, B-flat, E major, E minor, and A minor. Also features tunes in altered tunings, contest-style-breakdowns, ragtime tunes, and additional fiddling favorites. The split-track audio features full performances of the first 36 .... more details

12. American Fiddle Tunes For Solo and Ensemble - Violin 1&2  

Item #: MB99386M   Price: $14.99
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Bluegrass

MB99386M - American Fiddle Tunes For Solo and Ensemble - Violin 1&2 - Fiddle By Craig Duncanbullet image  Published by Mel Bay
This collection contains 16 traditional fiddling tunes from across North America. They are arranged in a theme and variation format, typical of American fiddling. The authentic fiddling style harmonies are written so that various combinations from solo instrument with piano to duets and trios to full string quartet/orchestra are possible. Included .... more details

13. Craig Duncan Master Fiddle Solo Collection  

Item #: MB96995   Price: $19.95
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Bluegrass

MB96995 - Craig Duncan Master Fiddle Solo Collection - Fiddle By Craig Duncan
bullet image Music Period: 20th Centurybullet image  Published by Mel Bay
Presents 140 of the most frequently played tunes in old time fiddle contests as well as the most popular bluegrass, square dance and country tunes heard throughout the United States. The performance length arrangements of contest tunes include standard as well as challenging variations on hoe-downs, rags, polkas, show pieces, and .... more details

14. Deluxe Fiddling Method  

Item #: MB93742M   Price: $19.99
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Bluegrass

MB93742M - Deluxe Fiddling Method - Fiddle By Craig Duncanbullet image  Published by Mel Bay
This book presents a general survey of American fiddling. The author's intent is to teach the basics of fiddling by beginning with essential bowings and fingerings, and progressing from simple to more complex renditions of tunes. As fiddling is an aural tradition and fiddlers from different parts of the country play .... more details

15. Famous Fiddle Solos Made Easy  

Item #: MB22145   Price: $17.99
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Bluegrass

MB22145 - Famous Fiddle Solos Made Easy - Fiddle By Craig Duncanbullet image  Published by Bill's Music Shelf
This big note, large print book offers 43 traditional fiddle solos in standard notation with chord symbols. The free on line audio recording contains performances of all the tunes in the book. * Arkansas Traveler * Back Up and Push * Beaumont Rag * Bill Cheatham * .... more details

16. Famous Fiddlin' Tunes with CD  

Item #: MB98431BCD   Price: $9.95
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Bluegrass

MB98431BCD - Famous Fiddlin' Tunes  with CD - Fiddle By Craig Duncanbullet image  Published by Mel Bay
This affordable 5 1/2"" by 8"" QWIKGUIDE offers 43 traditional fiddle solos in standard notation with chord symbols. Selections include: Arkansas Traveler; Back Up and Push; The Blarney Pilgrim; Beaumont Rag; Bill Cheatham; Billy in the Lowground; Blackberry Blossom; Bonaparte's Retreat; Cotton-eyed Joe; Cripple Creek; Down Yonder; Dill Pickle Rag; .... more details

17. Fiddling Handbook with CD  

Item #: MB94111BCD   Price: $17.95
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Bluegrass

MB94111BCD - Fiddling Handbook  with CD - Fiddle By Craig Duncan
bullet image Music Period: 20th Century
A valuable and handy reference text for any fiddler, contains scales and scale studies, modes, chord studies, bowing, vibrato, introductions, endings, patterns, licks and etudes in the keys of G,A,B,C,D,E,F,B-flat, E-flat,A-flat,D-flat and F-sharp. With CD. .... more details

18. Getting Into Fiddling with CD  

Item #: MB20944BCD   Price: $17.95
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Bluegrass

MB20944BCD - Getting Into Fiddling  with CD - Fiddle By Craig Duncanbullet image  Published by Mel Bay
A quick study in the most popular fiddle styles played today, this 96 page text covers basic fiddling techniques and tunes in Old Time, Bluegrass, Contest, Western Swing, Cajun and Irish/Celtic music. The text will benefit both players who wish to expand their knowledge of fiddling and musicians who are seeking .... more details

19. The Complete Fiddling Book  

Item #: MB94367M   Price: $29.99
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Bluegrass

MB94367M - The Complete Fiddling Book - Fiddle By Craig Duncanbullet image  Published by Mel Bay
Mel Bay's Complete Fiddling Book is a compilation of arrangements of traditional tunes by several outstanding practitioners of the art of fiddle playing: Craig Duncan, Bill Guest, Dave Reiner, Frank Zucco, and Joe Castle. From The Arkansas Traveler to The Yellow Rose of Texas, over 300 colorful fiddle tunes populated this .... more details

20. Top Fiddle Solos  

Item #: MB94095M   Price: $24.99
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Bluegrass

MB94095M - Top Fiddle Solos - Fiddle By Craig Duncanbullet image  Published by Mel Bay
If you are looking for exciting and challenging fiddle solos by one of America's hottest fiddlers, this book is for you. Contains Craig's outstanding fiddle arrangements on: Dueling Fiddles; Rocky Top; Black Mountain Rag; Tennessee Waltz; Faded Love; Cajun Fiddle; Jole Blon; Gardenia Waltz; Draggin' the Bow; Granny Does Your Dog .... more details

21. You Can Teach Yourself Fiddling  

Item #: MB94430M   Price: $14.99
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Bluegrass

MB94430M - You Can Teach Yourself Fiddling - Fiddle By Craig Duncanbullet image  Published by Mel Bay
This book has been replaced with MB94430M

Designed for beginning fiddle students, these 36 lessons present basic techniques by applying them to fiddle tunes. Reading music is unnecessary, as the lessons are explained step by step, and fingerings are given for every note. Each version builds on the previous .... more details

22. Bluegrass Jamming On Fiddle With CD  

Item #: NGB205   Price: $22.95
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Bluegrass

NGB205 - Bluegrass Jamming On Fiddle With CD - Fiddle By Wayne Erbsenbullet image  Published by Mel Bay
Bluegrass Jamming on Fiddle is Wayne's newest instruction book and the second in a 4-part series of fun books that will teach the tools, tricks and tunes to jam in bluegrass style. It covers: 31 bluegrass jam standards, how to jam with others, how to improvise and make up your own .... more details

23. 50 Tunes For Fiddle Volume 1  

Item #: MB99938M   Price: $29.99
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Bluegrass

MB99938M - 50 Tunes For Fiddle Volume 1 - Fiddle By Mark Geslisonbullet image  Published by Mel Bay
50 Tunes Volume 1 for Fiddle is one book in a 5-book series. The 50 Tunes series is a collection of Bluegrass, Old Time and Celtic tunes for ensembles, families and individuals. This book contains the same 50 tunes as those found in the other 4 books of the series, but .... more details

24. Bluegrass Fiddle and Beyond With CD  

Item #: HL50449602   Price: $19.99
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Bluegrass

HL50449602 - Bluegrass Fiddle and Beyond With CD - Fiddle By Matt Glaserbullet image  Published by Berklee Press
bullet image View Excerpt
Improvise with more expression and freedom in bluegrass and related styles. These ideas, exercises, and etudes will help you expand your palette of improvisational techniques and sounds. Develop your fingerboard versatility, and master harmonic and rhythmic ideas on the violin. The CD has demonstration and play-along tracks, performed by an all-star .... more details

25. Teach Yourself Bluegrass Fiddle with CD  

Item #: OK64989   Price: $17.95
Sheet Music : Fiddle : Bluegrass

OK64989 - Teach Yourself Bluegrass Fiddle  with CD - Fiddle By Matt Glaser
Clear instructions from a professional; basics, left hand and bowing techniques, solos, backups, personal advice on performance and more. .... more details

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