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1. Double Bass Drum Integration  

Item #: HL00120208   Price: $19.99
Sheet Music : Drums : Technique Double Bass

HL00120208 - Double Bass Drum Integration - Drums By Henrique Almeidabullet image  Published by Berklee Press
Integrate double bass drums into your beats. Two bass drums give you more power, speed, and flexibility, allowing you to create new dimensions of drumbeats. These timetables and other road-tested exercises methodically introduce the double pedal patterns into your beats, helping you play them intuitively, and revealing the possibilities of double .... more details

2. 2-Bass Hits With CD  

Item #: HL00000247   Price: $17.95
Sheet Music : Drums : Technique Double Bass

HL00000247 - 2-Bass Hits With CD - Drums By Dave Bedrock Bedrosian bullet image  Published by Centerstream Publications
This book/CD pack will help drum students learn: the fundamentals of playing two bass drums; important rhythms that all drummers should know; how to play confidently with both the feet and the hands; grooves in contemporary pop, rock & funk styles; and more. .... more details

3. Double Bass Drumming With CD  

Item #: HL00695723   Price: $19.95
Sheet Music : Drums : Technique Double Bass

HL00695723 - Double Bass Drumming With CD - Drums By Jeff Bowdersbullet image  Published by Musicians Institute Press
Through the use of an innovative mirror system, Double Bass Drumming develops each foot equally, providing the player with the maximum flexibility for playing creative patterns. The book includes: over 500 realistic double-bass grooves based on eighth-note, sixteenth-note and triplet feels; snare drum and cymbal variations that expand each pattern's potential .... more details

4. Turn It Up and Lay It Down: Double Pedal Metal - Book/DVD-ROM  

Item #: HL06620119   Price: $24.95
Sheet Music : Drums : Technique Double Bass

HL06620119 - Turn It Up and Lay It Down: Double Pedal Metal - Book/DVD-ROM - Drums By Steve Kilgallonbullet image  Published by Hudson Music
Features the popular Double Pedal Metal play-along CD with 14 heavy tracks in the style of Jason Bittner (Shadows Fall), Chris Adler (Lamb Of God), Vinnie Paul (Pantera), Lars Ulrich (Metallica), Mike Wengren (Disturbed) and Dave Lombardo (Slayer), plus an all-new book and free online downloads. Contains charts along with easy, .... more details

5. Double Pedal Gold With CD  

Item #: HL06620112   Price: $24.95
Sheet Music : Drums : Technique Double Bass

HL06620112 - Double Pedal Gold With CD - Drums By Joe Mortonbullet image  Published by Hudson Music
In Double-Pedal Gold- the latest multi-media release from Hudson Music-drummer, author and educator Joe Morton presents hundreds of challenging exercises that provide double-pedal players with a straight-forward yet incremental method to develop double-pedal technique. The exercises facilitate the use of single and double-strokes in both 16th- and 32nd-note bass drum patterns .... more details

6. The Encyclopedia Of Double Bass Drumming  

Item #: HL06620037   Price: $12.95
Sheet Music : Drums : Technique Double Bass

HL06620037 - The Encyclopedia Of Double Bass Drumming - Drums By Bobby Rondinellibullet image  Published by Modern Drummer Publications
Bobby Rondinelli of Rainbow, Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult and master teacher Michael Lauren from the Drummers Collective have put together the most comprehensive text ever written on the subject of double bass drumming. It features hundreds of innovative warm up, beat and fill exercises, tips for getting started, a .... more details

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