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1. Drum Solos: The Art Of Phrasing With CD  

Item #: HL06620021   Price: $17.95
Sheet Music : Drums : Jazz Beginning

HL06620021 - Drum Solos: The Art Of Phrasing With CD - Drums By Colin Baileybullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
This book by Bass Drum Control author Colin Bailey is written for drummers with limited experience in playing jazz and the kind of soloing it requires. Colin helps drummers become more comfortable with phrasing drum solos, and teaches stock phrases (licks) around which to build effective solos. The CD features tracks .... more details

2. Drumset Independence and Syncopation  

Item #: 00-17317   Price: $15.95
Sheet Music : Drums : Jazz Beginning

00-17317 -  Drumset Independence and Syncopation - Drums By Dave Blackbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
This method explores the most common syncopated rhythms found in jazz and improves coordinated independence and reading skills. Includes sections on snare drum and bass drum independence, drum fills in context, section and ensemble figures, 1-, 2- and 4-bar ensemble figures, and ensemble shout chorus solos. 80 pages. .... more details

3. Rudiment Grooves For Drum Set  

Item #: HL50448001   Price: $19.95
Sheet Music : Drums : Jazz Beginning

HL50448001 - Rudiment Grooves For Drum Set - Drums By Rick Considinebullet image  Published by Berklee Press Publications
Morph those boring 26 standard rudiments you learned into mind-blowing grooves, fills and solos!

All that rhythmic sophistication you hear from great drummers can easily be broken down into its basic elements: the rudiments. Rudiments are the drum language: a basic vocabulary of rhythms that drummers arrange and rearrange when they play .... more details

4. Drum Concepts and Techniques  

Item #: HL00604953   Price: $14.95
Sheet Music : Drums : Jazz Beginning

HL00604953 - Drum Concepts and Techniques - Drums By Peter Erskinebullet image  Published by 21st Century Publications
Peter Erskine is a world-renowned jazz/fusion drummer. This book on Erskine's concepts and techniques behind jazz drumming is for the beginning to intermediate drummer and covers topics like drum set up, beats, brushes, phrasing, reading, etc. Includes a full discography of Erskine's performances. .... more details

5. One-Surface Learning With CD  

Item #: 00-EL9590CD   Price: $21.95
Sheet Music : Drums : Jazz Beginning

By Roy Burns And Joey Farrisbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
An easy approach to improvising, hand technique, and drumset coordination. This book/CD package applies rhythmic and rudimental patterns to the drumset. An excellent approach to creating new drumset ideas for both the student and the professional. .... more details

6. Drumset Reading  

Item #: 00-124   Price: $14.95
Sheet Music : Drums : Jazz Beginning

00-124 -  Drumset Reading - Drums By Ron Finkbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
This practical method develops the necessary skills for reading with big bands and combos. .... more details

7. Jazz Standards For Drumset With CD  

Item #: HL06620077   Price: $17.95
Sheet Music : Drums : Jazz Beginning

HL06620077 - Jazz Standards For Drumset With CD - Drums By Brian Fullenbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
In this book/CD package, Brian Fullen teaches the essentials of jazz drumming through the use of twelve classic jazz tunes, including Real Book-type lead sheets and play-along tracks. The book includes a complete background on multiple jazz styles including Bebop, Jazz Waltz, Latin and Fusion; essential jazz terminology with definitions and .... more details

8. Chart Reading Workbook For Drummers With CD  

Item #: HL00695129   Price: $15.99
Sheet Music : Drums : Jazz Beginning

HL00695129 - Chart Reading Workbook For Drummers With CD - Drums By Bobby Gabrielebullet image  Published by Musicians Institute Press
This private lesson covers common symbols and musical shorthand, section figures and ensemble figures, accents, set-up ideas, and embellishment, and swing, big band, and other styles. The CD includes 16 full-demo examples. .... more details

9. Future Sounds With CD  

Item #: 00-8967   Price: $8.95
Sheet Music : Drums : Jazz Beginning

00-8967 -  Future Sounds With CD - Drums By David Garibaldibullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
At long last, the secrets of David Garibaldi's groundbreaking funk/jazz fusion drumming techniques are presented in this innovative book and CD. Whether you play rock, heavy metal, jazz or funk, you'll learn how to incorporate Garibaldi's contemporary linear styles and musical concepts into your playing as you develop your own unique .... more details

10. The Ultimate Drumset Reading Anthology With CD  

Item #: 00-16933   Price: $21.95
Sheet Music : Drums : Jazz Beginning

00-16933 -  The Ultimate Drumset Reading Anthology With CD - Drums By Steve Houghtonbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
This diverse collection of drum charts comes with a CD of accompaniments recorded both with drums for demonstration and without drums for playing along, and includes analyses and performance suggestions. Performance settings like big band, small group, live shows, Broadway, studio work, dance jobs and cruise ships are discussed in terms .... more details

11. The Total Jazz Drummer With CD  

Item #: 00-24429   Price: $19.95
Sheet Music : Drums : Jazz Beginning

00-24429 -  The Total Jazz Drummer With CD - Drums By Sunny Jainbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
The Total Jazz Drummer is an exciting journey through the diverse world of jazz drumming. You start with basic lessons in grip and rhythm and end up playing solos in the styles of Elvin Jones, Tony Williams, Philly Joe Jones and Max Roach. This wide-ranging study of jazz drums is for .... more details

12. Gene Krupa Drum Method  

Item #: 00-EL03967   Price: $14.95
Sheet Music : Drums : Jazz Beginning

00-EL03967 -  Gene Krupa Drum Method - Drums By Gene Krupabullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
This method features transcriptions from the video Gene Krupa: Jazz Legend. The first section of the book presents Krupa's drum method which combines individual snare drum techniques with basic drumset applications. The second section contains transcriptions of Krupa's performances from the video. .... more details

13. Basic Rhythms For The Club-Date Drummer  

Item #: 00-17314   Price: $5.50
Sheet Music : Drums : Jazz Beginning

By Ted Reedbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
Basic rhythms for society, Dixieland, jazz, waltz, tango, bolero, pachanga, guarach, rumba, merengue, samba, la raspa, conga, beguine, lindy, Charleston, bossa nova and many other ethnic dances. .... more details

14. Blues Drumming With CD  

Item #: HL00695623   Price: $14.95
Sheet Music : Drums : Jazz Beginning

HL00695623 - Blues Drumming With CD - Drums By Ed Roscetti bullet image  Published by Musicians Institute Press
Percussion Institute of Technology instructor Ed Roscetti gets inside the styles and grooves of blues drumming with applications for rock, funk and jazz approaches to the blues. This package includes: a CD with demo and play-along tracks in a variety of blues styles; studies in 4/4, 12/8, half-time, and 6/8 time .... more details

15. The Big Band Drummer  

Item #: HL06620051   Price: $12.95
Sheet Music : Drums : Jazz Beginning

HL06620051 - The Big Band Drummer - Drums By Ron Spagnardi bullet image  Published by Modern Drummer Publications
Performing in a big band, and accurately interpreting a big band drum part, can present a challenge to beginning and experienced drummers alike. This book by the founder and publisher of Modern Drummer magazine has been written and designed specifically to help drummers better understand the intricacies of this specialized form .... more details

16. Progressive Independence: Jazz With CD  

Item #: HL00333162   Price: $15.99
Sheet Music : Drums : Jazz Beginning

HL00333162 - Progressive Independence: Jazz With CD - Drums By Ron Spagnardibullet image  Published by Modern Drummer Publications
Coordinated independence refers to the ability to execute separate rhythms in each hand and foot in a coordinated manner, yet totally independent of one another. This book will teach you this essential part of jazz drumming. Section One covers snare drum independence, Section Two teaches bass drum independence, Section Three puts .... more details

17. Ultimate Beginner Series: Blues Drums  

Item #: 00-UBSBK003CD   Price: $12.95
Sheet Music : Drums : Jazz Beginning

00-UBSBK003CD -  Ultimate Beginner Series: Blues Drums - Drums By Tom Brechtlein Testabullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
The first step towards experiencing the fun of playing blues music. This book & CD package will guide you through everything you need to know to begin playing blues drums. Topics include practice tips, note values, shuffle patterns, slow blues patterns, alternate cymbal patterns for a shuffle, hi-hat coordination exercises, bass .... more details

18. The Sound Of Brushes With 2CDs  

Item #: 00-EL03694CD   Price: $26.95
Sheet Music : Drums : Jazz Beginning

00-EL03694CD -  The Sound Of Brushes With 2CDs - Drums By Ed Thigpenbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
A step-by-step guide that develops total mastery of the art of brush playing. This new edition is updated and revised with a section on rock applications plus additional brush-stroke techniques. Ed Thigpen's thorough approach includes all patterns shown with full-size diagrams and accompanying CDs containing every beat, pattern, and play-along track. .... more details

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