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1. World Rhythms! Arts Program Presents West African Drum and Dance Book/Cd/DVD  

Item #: 00-24451   Price: $39.95
DVDs : Percussion : African

00-24451 -  World Rhythms! Arts Program Presents West African Drum and Dance  Book/Cd/DVD - Percussion By Kalani And Ryan M. Camarabullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
The rhythms and dances of Guinea, West Africa spring to life in this ground-breaking multimedia collection from award-winning author Kalani and noted world percussionist Ryan M. Camara! More than just a drumming book, this easy-to-use method immerses teachers and students in traditional West African music, dance and culture through a step-by-step .... more details

2. Ultimate Beginner Series: Have Fun Playing Hand Drums: Djembe  

Item #: 00-905856   Price: $19.95
DVDs : Percussion : African

00-905856 -  Ultimate Beginner Series: Have Fun Playing Hand Drums: Djembe - Percussion By With Brad Dutzbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
This unique series is designed to show the beginning hand drummer a fun and creative approach to playing immediately. In Step One, Brad Dutz covers how to develop a good sense of the beat, how to produce drum tones, and how to play a rhythm. Step Two presents in-depth instructions on .... more details

3. African Drumming  

Item #: 00-908066   Price: $24.95
DVDs : Percussion : African
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00-908066 -  African Drumming - Percussion By Babatunde Olatunjibullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
The acknowledged master of African drumming presents essential techniques, rhythmic patterns, and concepts for drummers of all levels. The spiritual powers of the drum and drumming are the focus of this DVD. Inspiring lessons and performances will expand anyone's playing on the Ashiko, Djembe, and related drums. .... more details

4. Getting Started On Djembe Book With DVD  

Item #: HL00101798   Price: $19.99
DVDs : Percussion : African bullet image DVD Preview

HL00101798 - Getting Started On Djembe Book With DVD - Percussion By Michael Wimberlybullet image  Published by Hudson Music
Interest in hand drumming is on the rise, and this book/DVD pack will get beginning djembe players up and running with everything you need to know quickly, while still providing accurate and educationally correct information about the traditions and techniques of the djembe. It contains a brief historical overview, an introduction .... more details

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