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1. Learn To Play Irish Tinwhistle  

Item #: HL00641866   Price: $29.95
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HL00641866 - Learn To Play Irish Tinwhistle - Pennywhistle By L.e. McCulloughbullet image  Published by Homespun Video
Here's a complete guide to learning traditional Irish music on the tinwhistle. This easy and enjoyable lesson will satisfy beginners picking up the instrument for the first time as well as more advanced players wanting to study intricate embellishments and expressive variations. * * L.E. McCullough starts with the basics: .... more details

2. Teach Yourself Pennywhistle Book/Cd/DVD  

Item #: AM997535   Price: $14.99
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AM997535 - Teach Yourself Pennywhistle Book/Cd/DVD - Pennywhistle By Various Composersbullet image  Published by Music Sales
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This complete music instruction package includes a book, CD and DVD: Read the easy-to-understand instruction book designed to get you playing right away, play along with professional backing tracks from the CD, and see an expert teacher explain and demonstrate techniques and songs on the video. Never before has there been .... more details

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