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1. Jake Reichbart Plays Jazz Classics Book/DVD  

Item #: HL00703317   Price: $19.99
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HL00703317 - Jake Reichbart Plays Jazz Classics Book/DVD - Jazz Guitar By Jake Reichbartbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
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Ten stylish chord-melody arrangements in standard notation and tablature by Jake Reichbart, one of the busiest freelance guitarists in the business. This unique package also includes an instructional DVD, featuring him performing and teaching each song, to guide you through.

Songs: Afternoon in Paris, Fly Me to the Moon .... more details

2. Pop Hits For Solo Jazz Guitar  

Item #: HL00320905   Price: $19.99
DVDs : Jazz Guitar : Repertoire

HL00320905 - Pop Hits For Solo Jazz Guitar - Jazz Guitar By Jake Reichbartbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
A first-call freelance guitarist in Detroit and Ann Arbor, Jake Reichbard has performed alongside Motown and jazz legends in his thousands of live gigs. Here this seasoned vet shares his solo guitar tips & techniques, teaching his beautiful arrangements of these popular tunes: Big Yellow Taxi, Crazy, Deacon Blues, Don't Know .... more details

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