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1. Rock Harmonica  

Item #: HL02501475   Price: $19.99
DVDs : Harmonica : Diatonic Beginning bullet image DVD Preview

HL02501475 - Rock Harmonica - Harmonica By Al Ekbullet image  Published by Cherry Lane Music
This DVD teaches beginners how to play harmonica from the ground up, and more experienced players to rise to the next level with lessons on playing in different positions. The first half includes instruction on notes, scales, tongue blocking, vibrato, trills and more. The second features lessons on cool licks in .... more details

2. Play Harmonica In One Hour DVD  

Item #: HL00320435   Price: $19.95
DVDs : Harmonica : Diatonic Beginning bullet image DVD Preview

HL00320435 - Play Harmonica In One Hour  DVD - Harmonica By Bobby Joe Holmanbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
Professional musician and experienced harmonica teacher Bobby Joe Holman gives the clearest and easiest instructions ever for learning the basics of harmonica playing, teaching how to: hold the harmonica; play a melody; use chords to enhance playing; and play folk, country and blues styles. Reading music notation is not required. You're .... more details

3. Teach Yourself Harmonica - DVD Edition  

Item #: AM971333   Price: $14.95
DVDs : Harmonica : Diatonic Beginning bullet image DVD Preview

AM971333 - Teach Yourself Harmonica - DVD Edition - Harmonica By Bobby Joe Holman
bullet image View Table of Contents bullet image View Excerpt
With this book/dvd package you can read the easy-to-understand instructions, see and expert teacher explain and demonstrate techniques and songs on the video and play along with professional backup tracks from the DVD's music exercises menu. .... more details

4. Absolute Beginners: Harmonica DVD  

Item #: DV10824   Price: $14.99
DVDs : Harmonica : Diatonic Beginning

DV10824 - Absolute Beginners: Harmonica DVD - Harmonica By Steve Jenningsbullet image  Published by Music Sales
Learn basic harmonica notation, first notes and chords, special effects like bends, trills and wah-wah, and ten songs (with demonstration and backing tracks.) Includes on-screen close-ups for easy learning. A Book/CD is also available separately, product code: AM92619 .... more details

5. Play Harmonica Today! DVD  

Item #: HL00320653   Price: $14.99
DVDs : Harmonica : Diatonic Beginning bullet image DVD Preview

HL00320653 - Play Harmonica Today! DVD - Harmonica By Lil' Revbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
Learn at your own pace and open the door to the world of harmonica music! Play Today! is the ultimate self-teaching method, and this DVD is designed to offer quality instruction, terrific songs, and on-screen harmonica tablature so you can play all the music examples. Simply follow along with the music .... more details

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