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1. How To Buy A Vintage Guitar  

Item #: HL00642128   Price: $19.95
DVDs : Guitar Reference : Guitar History/biography bullet image DVD Preview
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HL00642128 - How To Buy A Vintage Guitar - Guitar Reference By George Gruhnbullet image  Published by Homespun
In this unique buyer's guide, George Gruhn, one of the world's foremost authorities on vintage fretted instruments, teaches you every aspect of assessing a guitar's value. You will be able to select with confidence, whether your focus is new, used or vintage, for personal pleasure or investment value. You'll learn to .... more details

2. Interactive Gibson Bible Book/DVD  

Item #: HL00331979   Price: $27.95
DVDs : Guitar Reference : Guitar History/biography bullet image DVD Preview

HL00331979 - Interactive Gibson Bible Book/DVD - Guitar Reference By Dave Hunterbullet image  Published by Jaw Bone Press
This package provides an audio visual guide to Gibson's classic guitars, combining a detailed book listing all important products in Gibson's history with a DVD.

On the DVD's main feature, author Dave Hunter and guitar legend Carl Verheyen tell the story of Gibson electric guitars while demonstrating original, classic examples of well-known .... more details

3. Fuzz: The Sound That Changed The World  

Item #: HL00320793   Price: $19.95
DVDs : Guitar Reference : Guitar History/biography bullet image DVD Preview

HL00320793 - Fuzz: The Sound That Changed The World - Guitar Reference By Clif Taylorbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
Fuzz ... the sound that changed the world. The fuzz box, that tiny little box between the electric guitar and the amp, what on earth does it do? Clif Taylor explores this insane industry of noise making, a world popularized by guitar slinging super heroes and garage dwelling electronic geeks all .... more details

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