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Paco Pena- Misa Flamenca cover
Paco Pena Misa
Sabicas  King of the Flamenco Guitar cover
Sabicas King
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1. Paco Pena- Misa Flamenca  

Item #: D4003   Price: $19.99
DVDs : Flamenco Guitar : Performance bullet image DVD Preview

D4003 - Paco Pena- Misa Flamenca - Flamenco Guitar By Paco Pena
bullet image Music Period: 20th Centurybullet image  Published by Kultur
Paco Pena's original concept for this stunning Flamenco Mass sprang from the desire to unite the Catholic perception of the religious Mass to the Flamenco musical tradition. There is a deliberate fusion between a classical musical styhle and the highly emotional Flamenco Art Form.

This unique combination of the religious Mass and .... more details

2. Sabicas King Of The Flamenco Guitar  

Item #: D2993   Price: $16.95
DVDs : Flamenco Guitar : Performance bullet image DVD Preview

D2993 - Sabicas  King Of The Flamenco Guitar - Flamenco Guitar By Sabicasbullet image  Published by Kultur
"The king of flamenco guitar" was born into a gypsy family in Pamplona, Spain in 1912 as Agustin Castellon Campos. The nickname Sabicas is said to have come from his mispronunciation of the Spanish for beans, habas, to which was added a diminutive ending. A self-taught child prodigy, he made his .... more details

3. Flamenco From A To Z  

Item #: D4332   Price: $19.99
DVDs : Flamenco Guitar : Performance bullet image DVD Preview

D4332 - Flamenco From A To Z - Flamenco Guitar By Various Composers
Explore the beautiful world, music and culture of Flamenco step by step, from A to Z with this entertaining program that provides great insights into its dancing, singing and feeling. With illustrated definitions, interviews and archive pictures. * * What does 'Duende' mean? Would you like to know more about .... more details

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