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Hammer Dulcimer
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1. Hammer Dulcimer  

Item #: HL00641711   Price: $29.95
DVDs : Dulcimer : Hammer Dulcimer bullet image DVD Preview
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HL00641711 - Hammer Dulcimer - Dulcimer By John McCutcheonbullet image  Published by Homespun Video
In this comprehensive and easy to follow beginner's course, John McCutcheon brings his vast musical knowledge and experience to learning hammer dulcimer players. John guides you through the fundamentals of this beautiful and compelling instrument, and will have you playing exciting tunes almost immediately. * * You'll learn how to .... more details

2. Hammer Dulcimer Tunes and Techniques  

Item #: HL00642142   Price: $19.95
DVDs : Dulcimer : Hammer Dulcimer bullet image DVD Preview

HL00642142 - Hammer Dulcimer Tunes  and  Techniques - Dulcimer By Walt Michaelbullet image  Published by Homespun
One of America's most innovative hammer dulcimer players teaches a wide variety of wonderful tunes, breaking them down and describing the techniques necessary to play them smoothly and proficiently. Includes reels, breakdowns, Southern old-time music, medleys and contemporary favorites. * * Songs: Bermudaful, Snowblind, McKim's Reel, The Breakdown, Devil's Dream, .... more details

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