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1. Double Bass Drumming Workshop  

Item #: HL00695869   Price: $24.95
DVDs : Drums : Technique Double Bass bullet image DVD Preview

HL00695869 - Double Bass Drumming Workshop - Drums By Jeff Bowdersbullet image  Published by Musicians Institute Press
In this information-packed DVD, double bass drum specialist Jeff Bowders shows you tips and techniques for getting the most out of your double bass drum playing. Dozens of progressive, step-by-step exercises reveal the details behind: * Pedal technique and balance * Mirrored double bass grooves * Endurance and stamina exercises .... more details

2. Double Bass Drumming  

Item #: HL00321122   Price: $14.99
DVDs : Drums : Technique Double Bass bullet image DVD Preview

HL00321122 - Double Bass Drumming - Drums By Dom Famularobullet image  Published by Hudson Music
Features over 90 minutes of double bass drumming lessons from the world's best, including Thomas Lang, Derek Roddy, Jason Bittner, Mike Portnoy, Steve Smith, Chris Adler, Simon Phillips and more.

* * Please note: This dvd will play in all regions. * * .... more details

3. Performance and Technique  

Item #: 00-908110   Price: $24.95
DVDs : Drums : Technique Double Bass

00-908110 -  Performance and Technique - Drums By Bob Jarzombekbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
Drummer Bobby Jarzombek in action, highlighting his intricate double bass drum wizardry and his penchant for syncopated rhythms and odd-time signatures. Two extended drum solos and a Live in Japan on-stage blowout showcase Jarzombek's mastery of visual FX such as stick twirling, tosses, and backsticking, accompanied by a narrated in-depth demonstration. .... more details

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