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1. Stepping It Up  

Item #: DV10582   Price: $14.95
DVDs : Drums : Technique Beginning

DV10582 -  Stepping It Up - Drums
In Stepping It Up, top session drummer Jamie Borden takes your basic drum skills and elevates them to the next level. From setting up your drum kit for maximum comfort, right through to advanced techniques and exercises, Jamie offers expert advice that will really step up your drumming skills. Topics include:
.... more details

2. Ultimate Drummer's Workout  

Item #: DV10505   Price: $14.95
DVDs : Drums : Technique Beginning

DV10505 - Ultimate Drummer's Workout - Drums
Improve Your Stick Technique with the Unique Wag The Brush Program! Here's a revolutionary new way to improve your stick technique through the use of brushes. The secret is simple: since brushes don't bounce like sticks do, wrist control and grip have to be much more precise and controlled to achieve .... more details

3. Drum Discipline - Parts 1 and 2  

Item #: HL00001456   Price: $11.99
DVDs : Drums : Technique Beginning bullet image DVD Preview

HL00001456 - Drum Discipline -  Parts 1 and  2 - Drums By Dave Bedrock Bedrosianbullet image  Published by Centerstream Publications
Master the rudiments and put a razor's edge on your technique with Dave "Bedrock" Bedrosian. He covers how to play and practice 40+ different rudiments; single and double stroke rolls; diddle rudiments; flams and drags; multiple bounce rolls; and more. Printable .pdf rudiments sheets are included. Daily practice with this DVD .... more details

4. Snare Drum Basics  

Item #: HL00320337   Price: $14.95
DVDs : Drums : Technique Beginning
Also available instantly as a direct download for $9.95 Click DVD Downloads on Side Menu for details

HL00320337 - Snare Drum Basics - Drums By Bob Breithauptbullet image  Published by Hudson Music
This DVD is the ideal reference for drummers of all ages and experience levels, providing them with the means to develop or refine the essential tools necessary to expand their vocabulary as drummers. Topics covered include: grips, basic strokes, dynamics, stroke combinations, rudiments, tuning, specialty sounds, and many more. Special DVD .... more details

5. Complete Drumset Essentials  

Item #: 00-23879   Price: $24.95
DVDs : Drums : Technique Beginning

00-23879 -  Complete Drumset Essentials - Drums By Peter Erskinebullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
Learn from the master! Join legendary drummer Peter Erskine in this DVD companion to his acclaimed book series Drumset Essentials, Volumes 1, 2, and 3. Peter takes you step-by-step through fundamental concepts, techniques, and exercises that will greatly improve your drumming. Running time: over two hours. .... more details

6. Tommy Igoe - Great Hands For A Lifetime  

Item #: HL00320951   Price: $29.99
DVDs : Drums : Technique Beginning
Also available instantly as a direct download for $24.95 Click DVD Downloads on Side Menu for details

HL00320951 - Tommy Igoe - Great Hands For A Lifetime - Drums By Tommy Igoebullet image  Published by Hudson Music
This new DVD from Tommy Igoe focuses on developing and maintaining the physical tools that are essential for every drummer and drumming application: their hands. At the heart of this life-changing, career-extending system is the three-tier "Lifetime Warmup" originally conceived in the 1950s by Tommy's father, Sonny Igoe. Featuring basic, intermediate .... more details

7. Learn To Play The Drumset  

Item #: HL00320382   Price: $19.95
DVDs : Drums : Technique Beginning bullet image DVD Preview

HL00320382 - Learn To Play The Drumset - Drums By Peter Magadinibullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
The perfect way to start a beginner on the entire drumset! This informative and descriptive DVD: * takes you through the basics of four- and five-piece drum set-ups (and how to tune them) * illustrates the grips and how to use the sticks * .... more details

8. Play Drums Now!  

Item #: HL00000381   Price: $19.95
DVDs : Drums : Technique Beginning

HL00000381 - Play Drums Now! - Drums By Dick Petriebullet image  Published by Centerstream Publications
In this DVD, noted drum instructor and performer Dick Petrie teaches the absolute beginner to master the following techniques: drum set up * matched grip stick holding * single and double stroke rolls & other rudiments * fills * playing the backbeat * and more. Ensures a successful beginning in learning .... more details

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