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1. Ray Luzier  

Item #: HL00695876   Price: $29.95
DVDs : Drums : Rock Intermediate bullet image DVD Preview

HL00695876 - Ray Luzier - Drums
Powerhouse rock drummer Ray Luzier takes you through an in-depth survey of modern rock drumming techniques and styles. Through clear, step-by-step explanations and exercises (including a companion booklet), Ray reveals details of essential techniques, including: * warm-ups, accent and double stroke roll exercises * hand and .... more details

2. Ultimate Realistic Rock - Complete (2 DVDs)  

Item #: 00-25717   Price: $29.95
DVDs : Drums : Rock Intermediate

00-25717 - Ultimate Realistic Rock - Complete (2 DVDs) - Drums By Carmine Appicebullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
Hosted by Leslie Gold, the Radiochick, this jam-packed 2-DVD set includes step-by-step instruction through each section of Carmine Appice's award-winning book, Ultimate Realistic Rock. Featuring instruction by Carmine himself, with special guests Kenny Aronoff, John Tempesta, Vinny Appice, Bobby Rondinelli, and Rick Gratton.

Topics include: basic rock rhythms, sixteenth-note triplets, syncopation, .... more details

3. Laying It Down: Basics Of Rock Drumming  

Item #: 00-24591   Price: $29.95
DVDs : Drums : Rock Intermediate
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00-24591 - Laying It Down: Basics Of Rock Drumming - Drums By Kenny Aronoffbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
Kenny Aronoff is one of rock's most in-demand drummers. While this DVD is ideal for beginning/intermediate drummers, it also offers valuable tips for the advanced player. Topics include creating a drum part, keeping steady time, making the beat groove and developing the beat creatively. Special features include footage from a drum .... more details

4. Under The Table and Drumming  

Item #: 00-25961   Price: $39.95
DVDs : Drums : Rock Intermediate

00-25961 -  Under The Table and Drumming - Drums By Carter Beaufordbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
Carter Beauford, world famous drummer for the Dave Matthews Band, performs along with the rhythm tracks from six of the band's best songs, including Ants Marching and Satellite. Carter covers such topics as left-hand lead/open-hand approaches, fills, double bass drums, drum set and cymbal setup, time feel, background and influences, the .... more details

5. Multiplicity  

Item #: HL00320600   Price: $24.95
DVDs : Drums : Rock Intermediate bullet image DVD Preview
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HL00320600 - Multiplicity - Drums By Cindy Blackmanbullet image  Published by Rittor Music
From jazz to rock to funk, and bebop to Kravitz, super-drummer Cindy Blackman gives it up in this instructional DVD. A woman with many facets, she performs six songs with her band, covering a multitude of styles in both acoustic and electric formats. Instructional segments include Cindy demonstrating the similarities and .... more details

6. Rock Drum Fills  

Item #: HL00321006   Price: $19.99
DVDs : Drums : Rock Intermediate bullet image DVD Preview

HL00321006 - Rock Drum Fills - Drums By Mansaku Kimurabullet image  Published by Rittor Music
In this DVD, drummer Mansaku Kimura demonstrates over 230 fills for rock, funk, blues and Latin styles of drumming. Each of these fills is demonstrated within the context of a song in order for you to hear and better understand how it fits into the groove. You'll learn fills for: straight .... more details

7. Jeff Porcaro  

Item #: HL00320398   Price: $19.95
DVDs : Drums : Rock Intermediate bullet image DVD Preview

HL00320398 - Jeff Porcaro - Drums By Jeff Porcarobullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
The late Jeff Porcaro was a Grammy Award-winning star from Toto and one of the most respected and innovative drummers in contemporary music. On this DVD, he describes his approach to straight time, triplet and shuffle feels, Latin grooves, half-time shuffles, bass drum pedal techniques and a variety of effects on .... more details

8. Drum Licks+tricks From The Rock+roll Jungle  

Item #: HL00320597   Price: $29.95
DVDs : Drums : Rock Intermediate bullet image DVD Preview
Also available instantly as a direct download for $19.99 Click DVD Downloads on Side Menu for details

HL00320597 - Drum Licks+tricks From The Rock+roll Jungle - Drums By Matt Sorumbullet image  Published by Rittor Music
On this DVD, the ultimate hard-rock drummer from Guns N' Roses and The Cult gives special insight into his playing. Instructional segments cover drum set-up, tuning, microphone placement, building the beat and free left-hand technique. Matt also demonstrates a variety of grooves including Latin, samba, funk, ska and reggae. Includes special .... more details

9. Big Drums  

Item #: HL00321007   Price: $24.99
DVDs : Drums : Rock Intermediate bullet image DVD Preview

HL00321007 - Big Drums - Drums By Pat Torpeybullet image  Published by Rittor Music
Pat Torpey, the solid hard-rock drummer from Mr. Big, explains the development of his style and techniques through four chapters of exercises, including a spectacular nine-minute drum solo. He also performs and discusses seven Mr. Big songs, explaining his secrets and tricks. Topics covered include paradiddles, grace notes, drum solos, hi-hat .... more details

10. Drumsense - Volume 2 - Colin Woolway  

Item #: RDR0120   Price: $19.95
DVDs : Drums : Rock Intermediate bullet image DVD Preview

RDR0120 - Drumsense -  Volume 2 - Colin Woolway - Drums By Colin Woolwaybullet image  Published by Lick Library
This DVD looks at the ideas from the previous volume and takes them to a more advanced level. Subjects covered include:
Advanced phrasing concepts, rolls, rudiments, twin bass pedal, and much more! Rudiments and their contemporary application have never been better explained. The concepts of how simple phrases become .... more details

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