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1. Joe Morello: Drum Method 1- The Natural Approach To Technique  

Item #: HOT174   Price: $24.95
DVDs : Drums : Jazz Beginning

HOT174 -  Joe Morello: Drum Method 1- The Natural Approach To Technique - Drums
Joe Morello is one of the most important drummers in jazz, and here's your chance to learn directly from him! Joe demonstrates roll techniques, matched grip and traditional stick positions, sounds on the drumhead, cross sticking, tuning, and much more, all using natural body movement. Plus great vintage footage of Joe .... more details

2. Jazz Drums  

Item #: HL00320499   Price: $24.95
DVDs : Drums : Jazz Beginning bullet image DVD Preview
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HL00320499 - Jazz Drums - Drums By Peter Magadinibullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
In this information-packed DVD, master jazz drummer and clinician Peter Magadini reveals the essential ingredients of jazz drumming. Inspirational live performances, concise explanations, demonstrations and exercises provide a comprehensive overview of traditional and contemporary jazz drumming styles and techniques, including: * Playing the jazz ride cymbal * playing with a "two" .... more details

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