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Modern Electric Bass cover
Modern Electric Bass
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1. Tony Grey Bass Academy Book With DVD  

Item #: HL14042758   Price: $24.99
DVDs : Bass Guitar : Jazz

HL14042758 - Tony Grey Bass Academy Book With DVD - Bass Guitar By Tony Greybullet image  Published by Music Sales America
Designed and written by world-renowned bassist Tony Grey, Bass Academy features hundreds of musical examples and exercises, as well as step-by-step guides on theory and playing approach. It includes hundreds of specially-composed exercises and musical examples; a DVD of exclusive video tutorials – your own one-to-one master class with Tony; a .... more details

2. Modern Electric Bass  

Item #: 903159   Price: $39.95
DVDs : Bass Guitar : Jazz

903159 - Modern Electric Bass - Bass Guitar By Jaco Pastoriusbullet image  Published by Warner Bros
The late master demonstrates the techniques that made him the most influent ial electric bassist of all time. Jaco explains his right- and left-hand technique, harmonics, finger exercises and more. Includes several solos as well as performances. DVD special features include: Jaco biography, equipment interactive, additional artist video clips, additional video .... more details

3. John Patitucci - Complete Electric Bass 1 and 2  

Item #: AL-25446   Price: $39.95
DVDs : Bass Guitar : Jazz bullet image DVD Preview
Also available instantly as a direct download for $34.95 Click DVD Downloads on Side Menu for details

AL-25446 - John Patitucci - Complete Electric Bass 1 and  2 - Bass Guitar By John Patituccibullet image  Published by Warner Bros
Electric Bass is a complete guide to grooving with a drummer in 15 styles including: funk, samba, reggae, jazz, shuffle, baiao, Latin, and rock. John provides examples in each style and discusses major influences and variations. * * Also included on this DVD is an extensive discussion/demonstration of technique (on .... more details

4. Victor Wooten Groove Workshop  

Item #: HL00320804   Price: $39.95
DVDs : Bass Guitar : Jazz
Also available instantly as a direct download for $34.95 Click DVD Downloads on Side Menu for details

HL00320804 - Victor Wooten Groove Workshop - Bass Guitar By Victor Wootenbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
In this nearly five-hour, 2-disc set, legendary bassist Victor Wooten redefines the essential elements of music and demonstrates how to apply them in fresh, creative, musically relevant ways. Also featured in Groove Workshop are several solo performances by Victor, as well as duets with bassist and educator Anthony Wellington.

Chapters and content .... more details

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