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Sheet Music & Music Books by Michael Anthony

1. The Ultimate Map For Jazz Guitar  

Item #: MB22037   Price: $14.99
Sheet Music : Jazz Guitar : Instruction

MB22037 - The Ultimate Map For Jazz Guitar - Jazz Guitar By Michael Anthonybullet image  Published by Bill's Music Shelf
Written by jazz guitar great Michael Anthony who states, "This book is an attempt to eliminate, or at the minimum decrease the frequency of such "deer in the headlights" sputters and stalls and the threat of getting lost when following a melodic line, a new thought, or a progression of chords. .... more details

2. Jazz Warm-Ups For Guitar  

Item #: MB21103M   Price: $9.99
Sheet Music : Jazz Piano : Instruction

MB21103M - Jazz Warm-Ups For Guitar - Jazz Piano By Michael Anthonybullet image  Published by Mel Bay
These 30 warm-ups are challenging for the intermediate to advance player (even professional) and intended to improve both right and left hand facility. They are jazz oriented making use of arpeggios, scales and patterns applicable for improvisation. Includes online audio. .... more details

3. Extreme Warm-Ups and Chops Builders For Guitar  

Item #: MB30510   Price: $19.99
Sheet Music : Rock Guitar : Technique

MB30510 - Extreme Warm-Ups and Chops Builders For Guitar - Rock Guitar By Michael Anthonybullet image  Published by Mel Bay
In this comprehensive book jazz guitarist Michael Anthony addresses the need to build flexibility and technical proficiency in a way consistent with the melodic motifs of contemporary music. Though the warm-ups are numbered, there is no order that must be followed. The guitarist may approach them according to his or her .... more details

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