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Sheet Music & Music Books by Mel Agen

1. Easy Flamenco Solos  

Item #: MB96623M   Price: $14.99
Sheet Music : Flamenco Guitar : Solos

MB96623M - Easy Flamenco Solos - Flamenco Guitar By Mel Agenbullet image  Published by Mel Bay
This book was written for the student who wants to learn to play flamenco guitar correctly in the shortest time possible. A fanciful historical essay on the origins of the flamenco style begins this modest 32-page volume. Several of the most common techniques are used in the various introductory pieces, including .... more details

2. Flamenco Music For Acoustic Guitar  

Item #: MB95326M   Price: $19.99
Sheet Music : Flamenco Guitar : Solos

MB95326M - Flamenco Music For Acoustic Guitar - Flamenco Guitar By Mel Agenbullet image  Published by Mel Bay
This book and audio contains 15 beautiful flamenco guitar solos in notation and tablature written especially for teachers, students and soloists. Flamenco guitar selections you will want in your repertoire for club and concert work.

All selections have been re-recorded by Ben Bolt on the released companion audio with .... more details

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