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Sheet Music & Music Books by Audioslave

1. Audioslave  

Item #: HL00672527   Price: $24.96
Sheet Music : Songbooks

HL00672527 - Audioslave - Songbooks By Audioslavebullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
Complete transcriptions for all the parts to 14 hits matching this hard-rocking debut album: Bring Em Back Alive, Cochise, Exploder, Gasoline, Getaway Car, Hypnotize, I Am The Highway, Light My Way, Like A Stone, Set It Off, Shadow On The Sun, Show Me How To Live, The Last Remaining Light, .... more details

2. Audioslave - Out Of Exile  

Item #: HL00690804   Price: $19.95
Sheet Music : Songbooks

HL00690804 - Audioslave - Out Of Exile - Songbooks By Audioslavebullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
All 12 songs from the acclaimed 2005 release by this alt-metal band featuring the instrumental trio from Rage Against the Machine and the lead vocalist from Soundgarden. Includes: #1 Zero, Be Yourself, Dandelion, Doesn't Remind Me, Drown Me Slowly, Heaven's Dead, Man Or Animal, Out Of Exile, The Curse, The Worm, .... more details

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