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Sheet Music & Music Books by Fiona Apple

1. Criminal  

Item #: HL00351741   Price: $3.95
Sheet Music : Piano Vocal Song Sheet Music

By Fiona Apple
P/V/G Sheets .... more details

2. Fiona Apple - Tidal  

Item #: HL00306216   Price: $16.95
Sheet Music : Songbooks

HL00306216 - Fiona Apple - Tidal - Songbooks By Fiona Applebullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
Piano/Vocal/Guitar Artist Songbook. The matching folio to the debut album by the 1998 Grammy Award-winner for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance. Includes the hit single Criminal and nine more: Carrion, The Child Is Gone, The First Taste, Never Is a Promise, Pale September, Shadowboxer, Sleep to Dream, Slow Like Honey, Sullen .... more details

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