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Sheet Music & Music Books by Alter Bridge

1. Ab III   

Item #: HL00691071   Price: $22.99
Sheet Music : Songbooks

HL00691071 - Ab III  - Songbooks By Alter Bridgebullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
Guitar Recorded Version TAB. All 16 tracks from the band's acclaimed 2010 concept album transcribed note for note with tab. Includes the hit single "Isolation" and: All Hope Is Gone, Breathe Again, Coeur D'Alene, Fallout, Ghost of Days Gone By, Home, I Know It Hurts, Life Must Go On, Make It .... more details

2. Alter Bridge - Blackbird  

Item #: HL00690945   Price: $22.99
Sheet Music : Songbooks

HL00690945 - Alter Bridge - Blackbird - Songbooks By Alter Bridgebullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
Notes and tab transcriptions in this guitar recorded edition for all 13 tunes off the second CD from these former Creed members. Contents: * Before Tomorrow Comes * Blackbird * Brand New Start * Break Me Down * Buried Alive * Come To Life * Coming Home * One By One .... more details

3. Alter Bridge - One Day Remains  

Item #: HL00690755   Price: $22.99
Sheet Music : Songbooks

HL00690755 - Alter Bridge - One Day Remains - Songbooks By Alter Bridgebullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
This new hard rock/metal band features former members of Creed and Mayfield Four. Our matching folio to their debut album includes 11 songs: Find the Real, One Day Remains, Open Your Eyes, Burn It Down, Metalingus, Broken Wings, In Loving Memory, Down to My Last, Watch Your Words, Shed My Skin, .... more details

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