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Pete Riley: Technical Difficulties by Pete Riley

video preview clip for Pete Riley:  Technical Difficulties Pete Riley: Technical Difficulties
Item #: RDR0024   Price: $19.95
DVD : Drums : Technique Intermediate

By Pete Rileybullet image  Published by Lick Library

RDR0024 cover image - Pete Riley:  Technical Difficulties - Drums DVD by Pete Riley Pete begins by demonstrating this with hand-to-hand accenting, double strokes and flams then moves onto more advanced odd grouping ideas which are in turn applied to double pedal phrasing, open-handed hi-hats, inverted double strokes, Moeller single strokes, and many more vocabulary expanding concepts.

These ideas can easily be applied by any drummer wanting to break away from the constraint of licks, giving them the freedom to phrase their own ideas through different subdivisions, across beats and over barlines.

Please note: This dvd will play in all regions.

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RDR0024 - Pete Riley: Technical Difficulties by Pete Riley $19.95
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