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Your Cheatin Heart - Steel Guitar Song Book With CD - Book by Don Helms

Your Cheatin Heart - Steel Guitar Song Book With CD
Item #: MB22122BCD   Price: $19.99
Sheet Music : Slide Guitar : Pedal And Lap Steel Guitar

By Don Helmsbullet image Edited by Dewitt Scottbullet image  Published by Mel Bay
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MB22122BCD cover image - Your Cheatin Heart - Steel Guitar Song Book With CD - Slide Guitar Sheet Music by Don Helms This book has been replaced with MB22122M

The long awaited songbook of one of the most popular players of all time. These ten tunes are among the most popular songs sung by Hank Williams. The Tab and CD features the intro, backup behind the singer, the turn around and the ending of each song. You will be surprised that Don never used the E13th tuning as we know it. He had the 7th and 8th strings tuned to C# and A, and he never once used a slant bar position! The solo book can be played on the 6 or 8 string guitar as Don never used the 7th and 8th strings in this book. CD includes every tune and backup for each. The CD was recorded by Don Helms. Contents:

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