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Berklee Jazz Bass - Book by Rich Appleman

Berklee Jazz Bass
Item #: HL50449636   Price: $19.99
Sheet Music : Bass Guitar : Jazz

By Rich Applemanbullet image  Published by Berklee Press

HL50449636 cover image - Berklee Jazz Bass - Bass Guitar Sheet Music by Rich Appleman By Rich Appleman, Bruce Gertz, Whit Browne. Learn the art of jazz bass. Whether you are new to playing jazz or wish to hone your skills, and whether you play acoustic or electric bass, this book will help you expand your basic technique to create interesting and grooving bass lines and melodically interesting solos. Included are 166 online audio tracks of demonstrations and play-alongs, featuring a complete jazz combo playing bass lines and solos over standard jazz progressions.

HL50449636 - Berklee Jazz Bass by Rich Appleman $19.99
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