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50 Renaissance Solos For Classical Guitar with CD by Various Composers

50 Renaissance Solos For Classical Guitar with CD
Item #: HL02500837   Price: $16.99
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By Various Composersbullet image Edited by Mark Phillips
Music Period: Renaissancebullet image  Published by Cherry Lane Music
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HL02500837 cover image - 50 Renaissance Solos For Classical Guitar  With CD - Classical Guitar Sheet Music by Various Composers ANONYMOUS: Alman, Ballet, Corranto I, Corranto II, Conventry Carol, The Gillyflower, Home Again, Greensleeves, If You Were Mine, Packington's Pound, Watkin's Ale, Wilson's Wilde. ROBERT JOHNSON: Alman I, Alman II, The First Dance. PHILIP ROSSETER: And Would You See my Mistress' Face, What Is A Day, When Laura Smiles. JOHN DOWLAND: Away With These Selfe Loving Lads, The Early of Essex Gailliard, Lord Willoughby's Welcome Home, Tarleton's Resurrection. JOHN STURT: Ballet. GILES FARNABY: Dreame. RICHARD FARNABY: Fayne Would I Wedd. MICHAELL CAVENDISH: Everie Bush New Springing. THOMAS CAMPIAN: If Thou Oongst So Much to Learne, Jacke and Jone, Now Winter Nights Enlarge, So Quick So Hot So Mad, Think'st Thou to Seduce Me Then, THough Your Strangeness Frets My Hart, Thrice Tosse These Oaken Ashes, To His Sweet Lute, Turne Back You Wanton Flyer, What Harvest Halfe So Sweet Is. MICHAEL PRAETORIUS: Lo How a Rose E'er Booming. PIERRE PHALESE: Pavana Muy Llana Para Taner. ORLANDO GIBBONS: The Silver Swan. ENRIQUEZ DE VALDERRABANO: Soneto. THOMAS RAVENSCROFT: The Three Ravens. FRANCIS CUTTING: Toy. NICOLAS VALLET: Under a Green Linden Tree. THOMAS GREAVES: What Is Beauty But a Breath. THOMAS FORD: What Then Is Love.

HL02500837 - 50 Renaissance Solos For Classical Guitar With CD by Various Composers $16.99
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