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Bossa Nova Guitar With CD - Book by Carlos Arana

Bossa Nova Guitar With CD
Item #: HL00695978   Price: $19.99
Sheet Music : Jazz Guitar : Brazilian

By Carlos Aranabullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
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HL00695978 cover image - Bossa Nova Guitar With CD - Jazz Guitar Sheet Music by Carlos Arana Essential Chord Progressions, Patterns, Rhythms and Techniques. Bossa Nova Guitar is intended for a wide range of guitarists, from those with little experience in complex musical styles like jazz, Samba, or Bolero, to highly trained professional guitarists looking to expand their musical palettes. From Joao Gilberto to Antonio Carlos Jobim, the Bossa Nova guitar style has become firmly entrenched in the jazz culture.

In this book, you'll gain a strong command of the style, concentrating on these core elements: harmony, rhythms, right-hand technique, chord progressions, essential patterns, and more. Includes a CD with demos.

HL00695978 - Bossa Nova Guitar With CD by Carlos Arana $19.99
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