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The Art Of Julian Bream by Graham Wade

The Art Of Julian Bream
Item #: HL00332747   Price: $39.95
Sheet Music : Classical Guitar : History/biography

By Graham Wadebullet image  Published by Ashley Mark Publishing Company

HL00332747 cover image - The Art Of Julian Bream - Classical Guitar Sheet Music by Graham Wade This is the first book to present a detailed account of the musical achievements of Julian Bream. In a wide-ranging celebration of his artistry the book offers essential perspectives on vital elements of twentieth century guitar history and reveals how Julian Bream succeeded in establishing the instrument as a uniquely expressive force on the contemporary scene.

As well as his phenomenal success in inspiring composers such as Britten, Tippett, Walton, Arnold, Berkeley, Henze, Brouwer, Takemitsu, etc., to write for the guitar, Bream is also renowned as the twentieth century's greatest lutenist and a passionate advocate of Elizabethan music.

HL00332747 - The Art Of Julian Bream by Graham Wade $39.95
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