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Modalogy - Book by Jeff Brent

Item #: HL00312274   Price: $19.99
Sheet Music : Music Theory

By Jeff Brentbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
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HL00312274 cover image - Modalogy - Music Theory Sheet Music by Jeff Brent Scales, Modes & Chords: The Primordial Building Blocks of Music. Primarily a music theory reference, Modalogy presents a unique perspective on the origins, interlocking aspects, and usage of the most common scales and modes in occidental music. Anyone wishing to seriously explore the realms of scales, modes, and their real-world functions will find the most important issues dealt with in meticulous detail within these pages. Logical illustrations accompany in-depth examinations of chordal harmonies, cadential motions, and progressions. This book is perfect for both music students and teachers, as either a course in itself or to augment any theory curriculum.

HL00312274 - Modalogy by Jeff Brent $19.99
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