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Jazz Chord Progressions - Book by Bill Boyd

Jazz Chord Progressions
Item #: HL00290486   Price: $13.99
Sheet Music : Jazz Piano : Instruction

By Bill Boyd

by Bill Boyd This book contains the chord progressions found in most jazz standards. Each progression is written with chord voicings which are indigenous to the style. The book is divided into two sections. The first section uses chord voicings with the root as the bottom note. This voicing is appropriate when playing with a jazz group where there is no bass player. Chord voicings with the third or seventh of the chord as the bottom note are the basis for section two. This voicing is useful when a bass player is present to provide the root movement. The same progressions appear in both sections. The study of this material will help prepare the player for fake book reading and comping with a group.
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HL00290486 - Jazz Chord Progressions by Bill Boyd $13.99
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