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Hal Leonard Guitar Music Theory - Book by Chad Johnson

Hal Leonard Guitar Music Theory
Item #: HL00148390   Price: $12.99
Sheet Music : Music Theory

By Chad Johnsonbullet image  Published by Hal Leonard
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HL00148390 cover image - Hal Leonard Guitar Music Theory - Music Theory Sheet Music by Chad Johnson Guitar Music Theory teaches fundamental music theory concepts in a fun, engaging way by using popular riffs and songs, including “Helter Skelter,” “My Girl,” “No Woman No Cry,” and “Smoke on the Water.” Written in easy-to-follow guitar tablature with online audio access to demos of every example. Topics include: intervals, the musical alphabet, the major scale, circle of 5ths, triads, dominant chords, and much more!

HL00148390 - Hal Leonard Guitar Music Theory by Chad Johnson $12.99
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