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A Vos Guitares, Prets, Jouez!

A Vos Guitares, Prets, Jouez!
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Sheet Music : Classical Guitar : Duos


Music Period: 20th Centurybullet image Easy Difficulty Levelbullet image  Published by D'oz
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DZ2968 cover image - A Vos Guitares, Prets, Jouez! - Classical Guitar Sheet Music by This notebook for the teaching of classical guitar in group was designed to offer an original and contrasting repertoire consisting of duets, trios and quartets favoring the development of ensemble play and expressiveness to the instrument.

Duets offer open string melodies with teacher accompaniment that may be suitable for elementary students. The trios and quartets, for the most part, offer very simple pieces, some of them contain only open strings, but also some more complex and multi-level pieces, which may be suitable for a variety of groups of experiments, beginners and intermediates. primary and secondary school. The pieces are short and can be considered individually, but also constitute interesting sequences.

In the rooms you will find different nuances, timbre, etching, and fingerings that are suggestions for work and not prescriptions. However, the goal is to offer pieces that, by their technical simplicity, allow precisely a work of expressive elements and musical skills that any guitarist should develop. Thus, teachers and students are invited to make interpretive choices that are different from those proposed or to try to make those already written convincing.

The pieces were composed or arranged by music education students at UQAM as part of a course that aims to equip musicians educators for teaching guitar in the school system. Many of them are therefore experienced musicians and teachers from different backgrounds (composition, performance, world music, etc.) which explains the creativity found in the plays.

All the pieces were audio recorded on the OZ Productions website and on YouTube.

Isabelle Héroux, publisher
Marc-André Bouchard, assistant
Olivier Gagnon, engraver

DZ2968 - A Vos Guitares, Prets, Jouez! $19.50
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