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Sonata - Book by Niccolo Paganini

Item #: DZ2632   Price: $11.00
Sheet Music : Mandolin : Classical-solos

By Niccolo Paganinibullet image Edited by Vincent Beer-Demander
Music Period: Romanticbullet image Advanced Difficulty Levelbullet image  Published by D'oz
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DZ2632 cover image - Sonata - Mandolin Sheet Music by Niccolo Paganini Introduced to the mandolin by his father Antonio , the young Niccolo is not his first attempt when he composed this sonata for solo mandolin. Indeed , he has written several duets for mandolin and guitar of a simpler nature than the present work.

To accentuate the brilliant character mandolin, Paganini chose here the main key of E major . The first movement entitled " Minuetto " develops a strict sonata form where the very initial cantabile theme is a pretext for stylish and voluble variations.

The second movement is an Andante where the central portion in the relative minor of the main key , casts a melancholy shadow contrasting with the Finale of the sonata , near frenzied tarantella that we heard in the romantic Italy this nineteenth century nascent .

DZ2632 - Sonata by Niccolo Paganini $11.00
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