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Fretboard Harmony - Book by Jeffrey McFadden

Fretboard Harmony
Item #: DZ1399   Price: $51.50
Sheet Music : Music Theory

By Jeffrey McFaddenbullet image  Published by D'oz
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DZ1399 cover image - Fretboard Harmony - Music Theory Sheet Music by Jeffrey McFadden Common Practice Harmony on the Guitar.

• Materials are presented in a logical order which follows the consensus evident in materials from the neighbouring disciplines of music theory and keyboard harmony.
• It is a truly practical method with a vast number of exercises – 265 in all. Several exercises are given for each new theoretical concept introduced.
• There is a step by step, progressive arrangement of exercises.
• Emphasis is placed on creativity, experimentation and improvisation in the playing of the exercises.
• The book has a very complete section on rudiments.
• There is a clear layout and effective directions for the student.
• Scale cells, one-octave moveable scale forms, are used to give a basis for interval study which in turn is used to inform the formation of chords.
• Numerous chord charts are given to illuminate fretboard shapes and give a clearer picture of chord derivation and logic.
• The books offers a complete system of chord derivation using “cardinal” and “dilated” triads combined with doubling and/or omission.
• There is a section on the derivation of common, familiar chords and cadence formulas using the system.
• Figured bass realization and melody harmonization are used consistently as tools to introduce new chords, new progressions, etc.
• Numerous realized solutions are given and explained in detail for exercises in advanced application.
• Examples from the actual guitar repertoire, are richly deployed throughout the text to introduce chords, demonstrate progressions, show modulation, etc.
• There are numerous melody harmonizations and figured basses created from the common guitar repertoire.

DZ1399 - Fretboard Harmony by Jeffrey McFadden $51.50
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