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Music For Christmas Time - Book by Various Composers

Music For Christmas Time
Item #: DZ1239   Price: $30.50
Sheet Music : Christmas : Classical Guitar - Collections

By Various Composers
Intermediate Difficulty Levelbullet image  Published by D'oz
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DZ1239 cover image - Music For Christmas Time - Christmas Sheet Music by Various Composers This book will allow guitarists to propose to their clients a variety of pieces in duet (or little ensemble) that are well-known to the audience. It will be easy to sight read them on the guitar, or simply read the chords that are placed above the guitar staff.

This second option allows any harmonic instrument (piano or harp for example) to play the accompaniment from the same score. The forms are simple, short and the arrangements are focused on the main musical theme (sometimes the development has been excluded from the arrangements). Contents:

DZ1239 - Music For Christmas Time by Various Composers $30.50
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