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Sabicas King Of The Flamenco Guitar by Sabicas

video preview clip for Sabicas  King Of The Flamenco Guitar Sabicas King Of The Flamenco Guitar
Item #: D2993   Price: $16.95
DVD : Flamenco Guitar : Performance

By Sabicasbullet image  Published by Kultur

D2993 cover image - Sabicas  King Of The Flamenco Guitar - Flamenco Guitar DVD by Sabicas "The king of flamenco guitar" was born into a gypsy family in Pamplona, Spain in 1912 as Agustin Castellon Campos. The nickname Sabicas is said to have come from his mispronunciation of the Spanish for beans, habas, to which was added a diminutive ending. A self-taught child prodigy, he made his professional debut playing at age 10 at a concert by the singer La Chelita in a theater in Madrid. Reviewers dubbed him a "fenomeno", a complement that followed him his whole life. He soon became an established artist; a book on flamenco from the 1930s describes him as one of the great guitarists of Spain.

Sabicas gained renown as a concert performer, often accompanying famous dancers; his career was for years linked with that of the great Carmen Amaya. A prolific artist, he made over fifty record albums, and helped spread the popularity of flamenco worldwide. He died in New York City in 1990.

The concert on this DVD was recorded live in a television studio in the late 1960s and includes: Malaguena, Zorongo (with dance by Los Duendes de Espana), Guadalquivir, Zapateado en Re, Siguiriya (with dance by Maria Alba), Sitio de Zaragoza, and Danza Arabe. Dances performed and sung by Luis Bargas and accompanied by guitarist Adonis Puertas. Los Duendes de Espana includes dancers Sara de Luis, Orlando Romero and Miguel Angel Pataro. Filmed in Color, Region: All, Length: 30 minutes.

Please note: This dvd will play in all regions.

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D2993 - Sabicas King Of The Flamenco Guitar by Sabicas $16.95
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