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Music For Cello and Guitar V.1 by Various Composers

Music For Cello and Guitar V.1
Item #: AX124   Price: $15.95
Sheet Music : Classical Guitar : Cello And Guitar

By Various Composersbullet image Edited by Allan Alexander
Intermediate Difficulty Levelbullet image  Published by ADG
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AX124 cover image - Music For Cello And Guitar V.1 - Classical Guitar Sheet Music by Various Composers Winder wie ist (Highly Addictive) 1100-1240, Corrento (From Fitzwilliam Virginal Book), A Virgen, que de Deus (Cantiga 322), Down in Yon Forest, Cantiga Two (Michael Starke), Can She Excuse My Wrongs (John Dowland), Italiana (Renaissance), Ond Aveo a Un Ome (Cantiga 166), My Heart is Entrusted to You (Orlando de Lasso), The Troubadour Song (Medieval), Song of the Ass (Medieval setting of Friendly Beasts). Comments from the Editor: This is a great affordable collection of duets for cello and guitar. The pieces are both addictive and playable. They work well for gigs and weddings. Italiana is one of the best pieces I have ever used for a recessional and My Heart is Entrusted to You makes a beautiful piece that works for an interlude or even a processional. Winder Wie Ist is such a great piece. The Cello can Play it bowed or pizz and I think you won't be able to stop playing it. Separate parts for each instrument.

AX124 - Music For Cello And Guitar V.1 by Various Composers $15.95
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