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Music Of Spain and South America For Flute and Guitar With CD by Various Composers

Music Of Spain and South America For Flute and Guitar With CD
Item #: AX-SSFG   Price: $19.95
Sheet Music : Classical Guitar : Flute And Guitar

By Various Composersbullet image  Published by Alexander, Allan
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AX-SSFG cover image - Music Of Spain And South America For Flute  And  Guitar With CD - Classical Guitar Sheet Music by Various Composers

This is Great music. Flute players, find a guitarist..Guitarists, find a flutist and then you will be in for a treat. From the exciting El Vito and Zorongo to the haunting Elena and Cantiga dos Perdidos, this is a fantastic collection of music you will play and enjoy over and over and over. Perfect for concerts, weddings, any gigs or a soire at your home. This is a collection you will keep close at hand. Comes With a Compact Disc of the Pieces Performed by Allan Alexander and Mindi Acosta.

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