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Renaissance Music For Mandolin with CD - Book by Allan Alexander

Renaissance Music For Mandolin with CD
Item #: ADG84   Price: $17.97
Sheet Music : Mandolin : Classical-solos

By Allan Alexanderbullet image Edited by Allan Alexander
Music Period: 20th Centurybullet image Intermediate Difficulty Levelbullet image  Published by ADG
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ADG84 cover image - Renaissance Music For Mandolin  With CD - Mandolin Sheet Music by Allan Alexander This book provides the mandolin player with a unique opportunity to play a wide variety of Renaissance music including many lute pieces. From The Cobbler's Hornpipe to the lovely Home Again, Market is Done, you will have a great time with these selections. It can be a great gig book, either for early music events or for any performance. These are very attractive pieces. You will find them catchy and they will attract the attention of listeners. They are also quite playable, and lay well on the fingerboard. If you work with a guitarist, there are chords for him or her to use as a basis to build an accompaniment. The Mandolin parts are presented in both notation and tablature. The accompanying CD is a recording of all of the tunes in the same order in which they appear in the book. Allan Alexander is playing the mandolin and also the guitar, providing a harmonic tapestry over which the melodies float. The Mandolin is in the left channel, and the guitar in the right. You can turn down the left channel and play along with just the guitar if you choose. Every piece in the book can also be played by mandolin alone. Allan chose to record the pieces with guitar in order to present the music with a chordal background and to create an enjoyable CD. Schiarazula Marazula, Bransle, Der Judentanz, Two Bransles, Ladie Laudian's Lilt, Bransle, I Will Not go to Bed Until I Die, Nonesuch, Ronde, La Mantovana, I Lie Alone, La Volta, Volte, I Met her in the Meadow, Katherine Ogien, Greensleeves, The Cobbler's Hornpipe, Bransle des Lavandieres, Air du Premier Branle 'Escosse, Air Des Canaries, Bransle, Home Again, Market is Done, Der dritt Gstraifft, Tordion, Bransle, Katherine Bairdie

ADG84 - Renaissance Music For Mandolin With CD by Allan Alexander $17.97
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