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The Balkan Book For Guitar Book With CD by Allan Alexander

The Balkan Book For Guitar Book With CD
Item #: ADG218   Price: $23.95
Sheet Music : Classical Guitar : Collections

By Allan Alexander ( 1946 - )bullet image Edited by Allan Alexander
Music Period: 20th Centurybullet image Intermediate Difficulty Levelbullet image  Published by ADG
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ADG218 cover image - The Balkan Book For Guitar Book With CD - Classical Guitar Sheet Music by Allan Alexander

Allan Alexander the author writes: I believe you are going to Love this book! When was the last time you couldn't put down your guitar because you wanted to hear the piece just one more time' I think you will find that very experience inside the covers of this volume. It's the best game in town... now please read on.

I could never travel to play concerts because I'm scared witless of flying and I also have environmental allergies which made it next to impossible. The Allergies are better now, but I'm still frightened of flying. Because of this, when I performed I used to do concerts near where I lived including even restaurants. I remember this job I had, I just had this new tune which really excited me, and the chef who owned the restaurant said to me, 'You are so funny, you get so excited.' I took it as a compliment. I do get excited about music, and I'm very excited about this book. These are pieces that will get you playing and keep you playing. You won't be able to stop playing Adje Jano or Lesi, and you will be charmed by Kritikos Syrtos and Karamfil. If I had a gig now, I would use the entire book. It's not that they are from the Balkans, it's that they are great great pieces.

Five of the pieces in this volume are in 7/8. If you haven't played anything in this. Contents:

ADG218 - The Balkan Book For Guitar Book With CD by Allan Alexander $23.95
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