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The Essential Greensleeves With CD by Allan Alexander

The Essential Greensleeves With CD
Item #: ADG214   Price: $19.95
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By Allan Alexander ( 1946 - )bullet image Edited by Allan Alexanderbullet image  Published by ADG
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ADG214 cover image - The Essential Greensleeves With CD - Classical Guitar Sheet Music by Allan Alexander Notes from Allan Alexander: Greensleeves was one of the most popular melodies of the Renaissance and it has remained so for over four hundred years. It is a wonderful piece of music. In this book you find all the instrumental versions of Greensleeves that I could find, including a version by Mr Beck, one by Francis Cutting, a modern edition I have arranged, one from "William Ballet's Lute Book," and several others including one for voice and guitar... eleven in all. Many of them have variations. They are recorded with the guitar on the CD in the order they appear in the book, and I have also included a recording of Greensleeves played on the Renaissance lute. This version can be found in this book in both a lute facsimile and a modern edition for the guitar. You will also find Tablature for guitar in a separate section.

The CD also includes a version of Greensleeves performed on the Renaissance lute. The beautiful vocal rendition of Greensleeves is performed by Kumara Ray. I hope this CD will be both a learning aid and a joy to hear. This is a terrific collection for performance or for playing for your own pleasure. I believe this will be a valuable addition to your guitar collection.

ADG214 - The Essential Greensleeves With CD by Allan Alexander $19.95
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