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Music Of Spain and South America For Guitar with CD by Allan Alexander

Music Of Spain and South America For Guitar with CD
Item #: ADG-074   Price: $25.95
Sheet Music : Classical Guitar : Collections

By Allan Alexander ( 1946 - )bullet image Edited by Allan Alexander
Music Period: 20th Centurybullet image Intermediate Difficulty Levelbullet image  Published by ADG
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ADG-074 cover image - Music Of Spain And South America For Guitar  With CD - Classical Guitar Sheet Music by Allan Alexander This is a terrific collection of twenty-three pieces from Spain and South America. The focus of this book is twofold. First and foremost is always to bring you music that you can't stop playing. Great pieces that have that magical quality that will keep you coming back to play them over and over again. Equally important is the playability. You will find that these pieces fit beautifully on the fingerboard and are accessible to most intermediate guitarists. We will bet that you do not have most of these pieces in your music collection, no matter how large it is. Titles are: Song Of Salamanca, Canaries Two, O Cantiga das Sombras, O Que Diz Que Servir- Cantiga 311, Brazilian Lullaby, Buenos Reyes, Ay Ay Ay, Canaries, Villanos, Cancion & Bolero No. 2, Song of the Emperor, Hakumamai Purisisun, Folias, El Noy de la Mar, Danza Ritmico No. 13, Carnavilito Nostalgico, Linda Amiga, Siway Azucena, Muchacha Bonita, Monica Perez, The Merchants Daughter, Maricensko, Pobre Corazon The accompanying sixty- two minute CD will help you learn the pieces. It is a performance cd made for listening. The book has both notation and tablature in separate sections and there is only one page turn in the entire book. This is a must have collection.

ADG-074 - Music Of Spain And South America For Guitar With CD by Allan Alexander $25.95
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