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The Zen Of Screaming 2 by Melissa Cross

video preview clip for The Zen Of Screaming 2 The Zen Of Screaming 2
Item #: 72-9854623159   Price: $24.95
DVD : Singers : Instruction

By Melissa Crossbullet image  Published by Alfred Publishing Co.

72-9854623159 cover image - The Zen Of Screaming 2 - Singers DVD by Melissa Cross The second release in this best-selling vocal series, The Zen of Screaming 2 moves a step beyond the basics of good vocal production learned in The Zen of Screaming. Viewers now tackle the finer points of extreme vocals.

Vocal instructor Melissa Cross guides students through the three different kinds of screams with the help of her clients, including the lead singers of Underoath, Unearth, Thursday, Arch Enemy, Sick of It All, All That Remains, A Life Once Lost, God Forbid and more. Plenty of performance and practice tips are included. The DVD is also highly useful for those wishing to get the 411 on how to get the rasp in the voice without ripping up the vocal cords.

"Anyone who wants to be the best needs this video... the techniques are simple and easy to learn. It works for me- it will work for you." -Corey Taylor, Vocalist (SlipKnoT, Stone Sour)

Please note: This dvd will play in all regions.

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