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Index To The Diccionario De Guitarristas By Domingo Prat by Jan De Kloe

Index To The Diccionario De Guitarristas By Domingo Prat
Item #: 494-02835   Price: $29.95
Sheet Music : Classical Guitar : History/biography

By Jan De Kloebullet image  Published by Editions Orphee

494-02835 cover image - Index To The Diccionario De Guitarristas By Domingo Prat - Classical Guitar Sheet Music by Jan De Kloe With his Diccionario de Guitarristas, Domingo Prat provided us in 1934 with a wealth of information on the guitar and related subjects. The introduction to the facsimile edition which was published in 1986 summarizes the four main areas of interest: South American guitar music in general, and Argentine guitar music in particular; The guitar in Spain; Contemporary guitar; Guitar history. There are numerous references to individuals from the world of flamenco, or genero andaluz as Prat called it. An appendix of many pages is exclusively about guitar builders. The 1986 reprint of this major reference book and the continuous call for it proves that is it a work of lasting value.

While pages contain few alphabetical keywords, they have many items which deserve to be retained for an index. In total, the index lists about 9000 persons in 21000 references. It provides all names of individuals, geographical names, venues, organizations, orchestras and groups, music societies, publishers, magazines, newspapers etc. in a way that any information can by found by keyword. No quality filter was applied on keywords everybody mentioned in the Diccionario is in the index, even kids who were at one time the pupil of some obscure teacher. Many names are included which Prat just wanted to have to make sure that his inner and outer circle of guitar afficionados would buy the book. Also a number of personalities are presented which have nothing to do with the guitar but are obviously included for marketing reasons. It is believed that this index becomes an indispensible tool for researchers in the field of the guitar.

494-02835 - Index To The Diccionario De Guitarristas By Domingo Prat by Jan De Kloe $29.95
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